CRM 2011 compatibility with Exchange 2013

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Can anyone tell me if CRM 2011 is compatible with Exchange 2013?  And if not what are the plans for introducing compatibility?

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  • The E-mail Router supports the following versions of Exchange Server:

    •Exchange 2003 Standard Edition SP2 or SP3

    •Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2 or SP3

    •Exchange Server 2007 Standard Edition

    •Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise Edition

    •Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Standard Edition

    •Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Enterprise Edition

    •Microsoft Exchange Online

  • Thanks Mohammed,  I had an inkling that CRM 2011 is not supported with Exchange 2013 but I've not seen any details about when it will be supported, do you happen to know when this will be?

  • So far there is no update or an ETA. Once we have any update i will update this thread.


  • Thanks for the update Mohammad

  • It's now two months after the last update. The compatibility matrix for CRM 2011 hasn't been updated to address Exchange 2013, Exchange 2013 CU1, Exchange 2010 SP3.

    Are we to assume that CRM 2011 has been EOL'd?

    Should we be looking for a new CRM?

  • According to the new Kb, it is still not supported I don't have any ETA yet.



  • Thank you.

  • Is Exchange 2013 supported Now?

  • No it is not yet, you will get this information updated  in or in  a new Kb when it will. It might be supported in next release of CRM but there is no official news yet



  • Looks like support was introduced in UR15 which was just released.  See

  • How about Exchange 2013 SP1?  Anyone tried that?

  • I have a client that is interested in upgrading to Exchange 2013 SP1.  Is that supported with CRM 2011 (RU 15 or later) and/or CRM 2013?