What is the best phone system to integrate with Dynamics CRM?

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We are looking to migrate to Dynamics from our current CRM and we also want to migrate to a new phone system.  For our phone system we currently use Verticle's Televantage which is not being updated anymore.  Does anyone have any recommendations as to phone systems that integrate well with Dynamics? 

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  • Windows 8 Phone will be good for the CRM Online

  • Thanks for the reply Mohammad, but I'm really looking more for an office phone system.  For example, it looks like a system by 3CX may be a good option.

  • Yes you may go for that. I hope you have already visited here. in case you have not www.3cx.com/.../crm-integration


  • Frederick:

    Nice to meet you!   Well the classic response ought to be, "what are your requirements"?   there are several levels of CTI that can be integrated with CRM.  The most obvious choice is Lync or Skype, but then again what are your requirements.   Do you have a functional requirements list?   Do you simply want to move from current state (What is that) to a future states (new functionality)?    Let me know the basic requirements and we can match you up for hte best sollution not only the here and now, but well into the future...

  • Fritz, we also use Televantage and we have CRM integrated with it by using Telephony Integration from www.mscrm-addons.com.   Works great, and the folks of mscrm-addons.com are great to work with.


  • If you are interested you can also check: http://www.qgate.co.uk/

    They have a cti integration solution you can integrate with any telephony system... www.qgate.co.uk/.../intelli-cti.aspx


  • Thank you Jose, I'll look into it!

    Sorry for the delay in my reponse!

  • Sorry for the delay in my reponse Henri.  I appreciate your help, but we are looking to move away from Televantage.  It is not being supported anymore and doesn't run on current versions of Windows.



  • Hello Ray - thanks for your help.  Sorry for the delay in my response here.  Our requirements are probably typical small office requirments.  Make calls, receive calls, voicemail, archive calls and integrate call activity with a CRM.  Right now, when we make a call or receive a call we manually enter that note in our CRM.  I'd like to automate at least part of that process.  I'd rather not have to upgrade hardware - I'm just looking for new software.

    Truth be told, Televantage does much more than we currently need, it just doesn't work on current Windows versions.  

    Thanks for any thoughts,


  • I can't speak to Windows 8, but it is running fine under XP and 7.....FWIW...

  • Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


  • Adding another to your list. Just saw this at the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence conference - Avepoint (www.avepoint.com) now has a small-ish suite of Dynamics CRM utilities including one called CallAssist which can connect into Lync, Skype, or TAPI enabled phone systems. In a demo at the conference it looked pretty good and could be configured to pop up the contact record (for example) if the inbound phone number was recognized within the CRM database.

    Alan Smith
    Oregon Nurses Association

  • Checkout CloudCall Click for Microsoft Dynamics from SYNETY. Enables click to dial and call recording all directly from within CRM.

    Works with any phone system whether its analogue or the latest VoIP solution, no additional hardware or software needed

    For a free 14 day trial with £10 of call credit click this ink http://bit.ly/10ek52q