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Can anyone share to me where or how can I have a report on the audit trail for each cases?  I'm also looking at audit summary however I can seem to download it. 

Hope anyone can help.  :)


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  • Audit records aren't available for export like other record types. You are limited to what is displayed in the Audit Summary. If you are running on premise you could create a custom SSRS report to access the AuditBase table and get the data.

    CRM 2011 - reports on data auditing

    If running CRM Online you are stuck because you can't get at the tables using FetchXML 

    You could use the SDK to gather audit data and aggregate it into some sort of organized format.

    Sample: Audit Entity Data Changes

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  • Thanks Jason for your response.  I'll try to use the SDK then and see if it will give me the results we want to see.

    I'm kinda new to CRM so I think I have to do some research for this to work.  :)