Custom plugin crashes in Outlook CRM client

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Hi everyone, 

I'm having an issue and really hope someone can help. I have a custom plugin registered against the lead entity on the RetieveMultiple event on the pre-process step. I'm using it to intercept a custom view in the leads screen, add a condition to it and return the results to the client. Everything works great from the browser, the user selects the view from the drop down, the plugin intercepts it, adds the condition and the user ends up seeing the right results. However, if the user requests the same query from outlook (clicks on say my special leads view), the plugin code breaks!

In the plugin code, I cast the desired object to a QueryExpression object, tinker with that object, etc...however, if the request comes from outlook, the cast FAILS! I debugged it to realize that outlook sends the request as a FetchXML object rather than a QueryExpression object

Anybody faced similar issues? Any help is much appreciated...


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  • I would recommend you to run the outlook client diagnostics wizard and see if something needs attention and fix!


  • Hello Tarik,

    Does this issue still persist in CRM?




    Satish Tiwari

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