Reports with charts not working after upgrade to CRM 2011

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I have many reports that were created in CRM 4 with a pie chart showing percentages.  In CRM 2011 the charts now show one section at 100% and the rest as 0%.  Is there something that has changed that requires me to change all these reports.  If so what?

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  • As suggested by me please try to do the following.

    There is a setting in MSCRM_Config --> Organization table "AreReportsPublished". You need to set the value of this attribute to 0/False. This will be get the PublishReports to publish all reports.


  • Well, I don't understand why we are trying to republish the reports if the reports are already showing there. So from this thread what I understand that the behavior is changed in CRM 2011, is this upgrade from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011 or a new installation of CRM 2011. If upgrade can you create a new org and upload the report .rdl files for which you are facing the issues in the new org and see if this is the same behavior. Also please share the screenshot that will be more helpful.


  • Capture.JPG

    I apologize if I am not providing enough information.

    It is an upgrade from CRM 4 to CRM 2011.  They are not custom reports.  They were created by a user in CRM using the wizard.  I have tried to create a new report in CRM 2011 using the wizard and get the same result.  Reading the information on CRM 2011 I am unable to ascertain if this is a changed behaviour in CRM 2011.

    I've attached a snapshot of the chart.

  • Can you please share the screenshot of the same report from CRM 4.0?


  • This might be because of the limit we impose on the number of records allowed during aggregation. The limit is 50,000 records. You can change this limit at the following locations:

    on server - Change the value of AggregateQueryRecordLimit row in DeploymentProperties table in ConfigDB.

    on client (offline outlook client) - Change the value of registry key



  • This blog post could also be helpful for you in understanding the issue:


  • We have a very small database.  This is not the issue.

  • This is a report not a chart.  The chart in the report displays.

  • Did you remove Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services before performing an upgrade?


  • CRM4.JPG

    Here is the report in CRM 4.0.  I have been told it can't be done in CRM 2011 without creating a custom SRS report.  That just doesn't make sense pie charts are simple.

    -Sorry new image.  Posted same image twice

  • Did you install any Roll Up like Roll Up 10 or 12 after upgrade?


  • Have been told it can't be done in CRM 2011 without creating a custom SRS report-- can you please share more information on this. Is there another Thread where you have informed the same or you have already opened a support case?



  • I have been informed by the contractor working on the problem.  I don't trust their opinion because I can't back it up with anything, that's why I'm on this forum trying to find the problem.

  • We have applied rollup 11

  • So did you configure and enable all hotfixes manually after applying roll up?