W3WP SPIKES , 70% of CPU in CRM Server

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W3WP SPIKES , 70% of CPU in CRM Server

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  • Hi Jen,

    W3WP process high CPU utilization can be related to many things in CRM Server. Please check following:

    > How the CRM Organizations Dashboard are designed. Is there much data to load every time a Dashboard loads, if yes please recreate the dashboard to avoid much data load every time.

    > When there is high CPU utilization for W3WP.exe please deactivate any Custom Plugin (if there is any) and see if the CPU utilization falls down immediately or not.

    >Please make sure that other Application than CRM is not using the CRM AppPool.

    > Please make sure you have sufficient Disk space in to your CRM Server

    >Please see event viewer for any error message when this happen

    >Please see for HIGH CPU and Memory utilization into the SQL server

    >Please see which operation is performed by the users maximum at that time when you can see high CPU utilization by W3WP process


  • Thank you. I will check and let you know

  • Ensure you are using 'using' statement around any connection.  I usually find high W3W is due to memory usage which is associated with connections being left open.

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  • Hi Jen,

    Did you get a chance to test the above steps I suggested to you..