Unable to remove solution need help

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I have a solution that's preventing me from getting the latest CRM Online update which supports multiple browsers.

The package is no longer needed by our Org but I cant simply just remove it via the normal methods as it fails due to dependancys. The pacakge is called Q-Service.

Is there any other methods I can use to remove it? or is it possible to setup a new instance and migrate all data including activitys?


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  • Scott,

    First check with the company that built the solution they may have specifics tips on how to delete the solution.

    The alternative is to manually the delete the dependencies that are causing the issue (kind of depends on what type of dependencies).

    Typically these are plugins which you can go into customizations, find them and delete them. Then try deleting the solution. This will likely be an iterative process.

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  • Thanks Jerry for your prompt reply.

    I have contacted the developer but have not heard back yet so posting here due to the business demanding the upgrade for browser support as urgent.

    I have a feeling removal will be tricky as its replaced what looks like a number of default forms, we basically just want the CRM to go back to default layout with out the modifications q-service put in.



  • You can start with manually removing the dependencies from the forms listed in the screenshot. Edit the forms listed and remove the components that start with ask_. Most probably they would have a section/tab added with all controls placed within. Go ahead and remove the section. Next look for the libraries added to the form and remove them.

    Tedious job but would atleast get you going.



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  • According to Q Service Installation Instructions It is recommended not to modify the solution during trial period to ensure smooth deletion of the imported solution. You can uninstall the package through following procedure:

    Click: Settings>Solutions

    Select: Q-Service solution & click the Remove button on toolbar


  • You will have to Logon to CRM as System Administrator to perform uninstall function.


  • Thanks, that did not work.

    I have come to my own solution, I setup a new CRM online instance exported the site and imported it into mine to overwrite all the changes made by q-service which removed all links then I was able to uninstall the package.

    Every thing seesm fine so far.