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CRMBA asked a question on 23 Apr 2013 11:56 AM

I need to trigger a workflow for 180 days sending emails , creating phone call and sending post card activities on certain days. I created a custom field in contact with 2 options Start and Stop. When user selects Start, the workflow is triggering and sending emails and creating tasks properly(for testing purpose i gave 5 min wait for each activity). Created  child workflows for each activity but the problem is when i select Stop in the middle the workflow doesn't stop it continues to execute. It doesn't create tasks or send emails but looks like the workflow is executing. When user selects stop how can I exit the parent workflow. I tried couple of ways but its not working. If anybody tried this before please share.

AFTAB HUSSAIN responded on 24 Nov 2013 11:59 AM


Check the link below.

Thank You !