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Malini asked a question on 28 Apr 2013 7:18 AM


I'm new to CRM and the industry. I am assisting the process of implementing Dynamics in our firm. When working with leads, i noticed something weird. Say i have created a new lead. Now i have the options "Existing contact" and "Existing Account" open. I can associate an existing contact to this lead. The "Existing account" option is still available, and it is possible to add any random account to this field. is it the way Dynamics work? ideally when the contact is selected, the account to which he/she belongs should be reflected in accounts field right? why is this not happening?

Jerry Weinstock responded on 28 Apr 2013 7:43 AM


When qualifying a Lead to Contact and then associating it to an account the experience you are seeing is how the product is designed. It allows the user to select the appropriate parent account. Although the user options have changed with the most recent CRM release to Polaris.

What update rollup version of CRM are you using and are you using the new UI form or the traditional form?

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Malini responded on 28 Apr 2013 11:25 PM

Hi Jerry,

The version we are working on is Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011 (5.0.9690.3358) (DB 5.0.9690.3339).

And we are using the Online UI form.