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What is your recommendation for Apps or Operating Systems or Brands to sync Outlook/CRM and Mobile Phones? I'd like to keep my Outlook and CRM address book in sync and be able to edit it from Outlook or CRM or on my Mobile phone.I have an iPhone now but I'm willing to trade it in and go with another phone and operating system if necessary.

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  • You can start out with the CRM Outlook client - with that would will be able to sync your CRM contacts to Outlook. From there you can set the email account on your iPhone to also sync contacts down to your phone.  With this setup, a change in either CRM, Outlook, or the phone should eventually be reflected back to CRM (assuming the contact is in CRM and not a "personal" contact in Outlook. 

    You also have the option of using the native mobile site in CRM - just by browsing the the CRM site from your phone you should get the mobile view (assuming contacts are enabled for mobile). 

    You can also look into third party apps like CWR Mobility and Resco for additional mobile functionality.

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  • Guys, check out this link -  Dynamics CRM official app for Windows, iPhone and Android phones.



  • - CRM for tablets: Set up and use.

    With Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets you can access your Microsoft Dynamics CRM account from mobile devices through our new tablet apps: Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Windows 8 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for iPad. You can look up records, edit them, create new ones, and keep in touch with colleagues. All while on the go!