Mapping the 'company' field from Outlook contacts to CRM contacts

Mapping the 'company' field from Outlook contacts to CRM contacts

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I am being told that there is no way to map the 'company' field from all of our contacts in Outlook when we transfer them to CRM and that we are going to have to re-type each persons company into the CRM contacts page... All 16,231 of them! Apparently Microsoft never thought that the field would need mapping across. I can not believe this. Can someone please help?

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  • Try using the import wizard that CRM provides within Outlook, t should group contacts by company and create the related records in crm + it can import the email history for you.

    Alternatively export the contacts to csv and import as contacts and companies.


  • Hi Swiss0013,

    Thanks for your question.  My name is Josh Wells and I am a support engineer on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support team.

    Roger is completely correct.  There is an Add Contacts wizard within the CRM Outlook client.  PowerObjects wrote a great article about using this functionality:

    The other option is to do it through the Import Data utility.  Essentially you would need to export all of your Outlook contacts to a CSV file.  The downside to this is the data that can be stored within the Outlook contacts.  I have found with many customers that we run into issues going this route because the Outlook Contacts contain non ASCII characters.  In these cases, we have to go through and manually clean up data within the CSV file before the import will complete.  This functionality is discussed in the following article:

    Hope this helps.  Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

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