Building a Report - Need guidance for sub-reporting?

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I'm probably pushing my luck in terms of assistance, so far this forum has been incredible in helping out a novice like myself. 

I am building a Quote Report using FetchXML in Visual Studio (BIDS).  

This may be the wrong approach (and not afraid to hear it) but this is how I have build my current 'prototype' if you will.  (Apologies for not using correct vernacular relating to SQL, I have no coding experience).  I feel as though I am probably going about this backwards in terms of entities. 


DataSet1 - Primary Entity "Quote Detail"  (This is where I pull the information about productid's, prices, etc).  Essentially these are the quote products. 

I then have two Linked Entities in the same query/dataset.  Product and Quote. (The product entity is where I pull SKU's, or descriptions, and break down types)

The Quote entity is obviously where such items like (Customer, Addresses, Total Amounts, essentially the bulk of the report).  

                        I applied a filter to the Linked Quote based on quotenumber (ie. QUO-1234-ABCD) which works to identify which Quote I would like to work with. 

Here is where my problem is:  Say there were 3 revisions to the quote: rev1 (includes items) rev2 (includes different items) rev3 (includes dif items)

If I run my report with a single filter of Quote #, I pull the items from all 3 revisions.  

So I need to specify 2 filters:  QuoteNumber, and RevisionNumber. 

Right now, the quote works and builds perfectly, (but the hangup is I need to manually enter the revision number as a parameter)

In the past, I have used pre-filtering to specify a primary entity.  

Can this be done with linked entities?  More importantly, two linked entity fields?

In a nutshell, I need to:

Run a report from an open Quote window, have it automatically know which Quote# to pull the quote details from, and also know the revision number, to specify which items get added.  

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  • Update:  

    I simply enabled pre-filtering and removed the existing filter/parameters that I had in my report, uploaded and it works.  

    Even though I have developed a working Quote system, if anyone reading this is gouging their eyes because I'm doing it all wrong....please tell me.  

    We paid a developer to create a quote the last time, and the quote included a sub-report which I believe was how he selected the correct items to add.

    I have done no such sub-report.  In fact the entire report is off of a single dataset...

    If I did this wrong, please do not hesitate to say so, but I would appreciate a starting point from my mistakes.

  • Hi The Koalabat,

    My name is Josh Wells and I am a support engineer on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support team.  If the report is doing what you want it to do, then you did it right.  There is not necessarily a right or wrong way to do it.  It's all about preferences and what you are comfortable with.  The developer you previously worked with may have used a standard parent report they use for most of their reports and then created a sub-report for your particular request.

    I'd say you did a great job if it works as intended and this was your first report with FetchXML and LinkEntities.

    Thank you for using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Communities,

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    Josh Wells
    Support Engineer
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM