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So my CRM Online deployment has reached 80% of the storage limit, which is fine, it is only growing at about 1% per month.  The problem is that MS claims that they cannot turn off the warning emails, or modify the recipient list.  That means that all 25 of my users will receive a daily email warning until I purchase more storage space, which I was not wanting to do until I reached 90% +.  MS recommended to me that I delete data to get back below the 80% threshold if I don't want the emails to continue!! Are you kidding me!?  Has anyone else experienced this and found a reasonable resolution?

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  • Thanks J.T.

    This is correct and these cannot be changed. Another option is to purchase more storage space. If you were to create any type of mass import and this caused you to run out of storage space, this could cause import issues, so I would recommend purchasing more storage space.

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  • If you've received a communication from Microsoft warning that your CRM database storage is close to the account limit  I will urge you to take early action to avoid any similar disruption.

    A Dynamics CRM Online admin user can check database storage usage at any time by clicking: Settings > Administration > Subscription Management.

    As well as increasing storage capacity, In some instances an administrator can free up space using a combination of methods that may include:

    • Evaluate and delete unused workflow processes

    • Remove selected email attachments

    • Remove notes with attachments

    • Review bulk import jobs

    • Review and delete outstanding uncompleted activities

    • Delete disqualified leads & lapsed contacts

    Speak to CRM support team and they'll assess if these or any other options can be applied to your database to release more storage capacity.


  • In addition to Muhammad's suggestions there are also some points available on rc.crm.dynamics.com/.../freestoragespace.aspx that might help. The Technical support team can also advise with data management. Requests can be logged through mbs.microsoft.com/.../createincident.aspx or through a MOSP CRM Online instance portal.microsoftonline.com/default.aspx > Support > New Service request

  • This is bullshit.

    My company also grows at at a rate of about .5% per month and management does NOT want to purge data.  There should be no reason to purchase more space for another year, but you are blackmailing us into purchasing.

    The warning limit is messing with our Outlook client addin apps and stopping annoying everyone whenever they try to do anything.

    When did Microsoft become Nagware?

  • As mentioned above the warning notifications/messages are put in place at 80% threshold to allow you plenty of time to create or purchase additional storage space.

    It is also to prevent performance issues and problems with data imports for users who have a higher rate of data growth than yourselves.

    I don't feel there is any blackmailing to purchase going on in this thread as we are simply posing solutions/workarounds.  If the purchase of additional storage is going to occur eventually I would personally recommend that this process is expedited sooner rather than later.


  • Hi JT,

    I know it will not solve your actual problem but perhaps you are interested in following article.



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  • Yeah I set up some system jobs to purge old data and I believe our email retention policy is probably not appropriate.

    Our disk growth is so incrementally slow, however, that I feel the 80% company wide ALERT WARNINGS in everything we try to do is a bit extraneous.  

    All of my company admins already get daily email reminders do we really need to throw up warning flags to every user whenever they login or try to do something after idle.

    I don't need to upgrade my storage plan for sometime, I think MS could give an option to limit those alerts to administrators.

    I really regret the CRM cloud move, but that is for numerous other reasons.

  • I also want to clarify that this email message will only go out to anyone that has the Out of the Box System Administrator role. This does not get sent to all users. I have passed this frustration on to the correct people.

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  • You are correct about the email, but the splash screen notification message gets in the way during the CRM outlook plugin sessions constantly.

    It would be nice to turn these off and not hear the constant user complaints.

  • Dear Aaronric my suggestion on this issue is that instead of splash screen messages only an eamil generated for administrator is a good option. In this way the customers (who , in my opinion, should not receive such messages) will be prevented and there will be no issue including the issue of reputation and credibility of CRM service providers/consultants will take place. So this issue needs to be resolved in eternity from back-end for the whole of the CRM System if possible.


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  • Now when I try to log in to CRM I get the 'Notifications' splash screen stating that my organization has reached 80%. I then click 'Go', after which I am redirected to the port.crm.dynamics.com/portal/notification/notification.aspx page stating 'Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Error' 'An error has occured.....'.  Then I click 'OK' on the page and I am redirected to port.crm.dynamics.com/.../default.aspx.  The end result is that I am put in an endless loop between the URLs without ever actually reaching my organizations CRM URL.  So, I have to enter my organizations URL manually.  Come on MS, why is this system so rough around the edges??  As a .NET developer I really want to pull for MS but it's one thing after another with CRM 2011.

  • This has been a thorn in my side for the longest time. It is a pain in the ass, and yes, Microsoft is definitely making a stand on this one, by not letting users at the very least, change the % parameter for notifications based on THEIR data storage consumption. I have had to continually purchase the additional Gigs to stop the annoying messages. I will not max out for another 6-10 months...and understand the issue with regards to max capacity...but still...allow the users control over the % (or at least give the option of going to 90%!!), as well as the option to not have it show for all users!!!

  • I can't believe this wasn't fixed with 2013... Just going through another round of this. This should totally be administrator configurable.

  • Hi Peter, where are you seeing issues and what are the circumstances of the situation in CRM 2013? This may be something we need to investigate.

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