Account & Contact Importing - Duplication Issue

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I was hoping somebody maybe able to help me with an issue I am coming across when importing data into the 'Account' and 'Contact' entities on Dynamics CRM.

In short, the problem I am encountering is 'linking' the 'Account' with the 'Contact' fields. I am sure there should be a more simple way to associate the two.

Firstly, what I tried to do, to import the data, was map the fields to the relevant CRM fields, and assume that by mapping the 'Primary Contact' field - with lookup reference to 'Full Name' - the account would create a contact. However I figured as it wasn't working, this was the incorrect way!

So instead, I tried importing data into the Accounts Entity first, without the 'Primary Contact' field, and then importing the data into the 'Contacts' Entity separately - This way I managed to LINK the 'Primary Customer' field with the 'Account Name' field - which also enabled me to find a contact in the lookup drop down list of the 'Primary Contact' field in the Account Entity Form. So.. partly a success - But I wanted to find out if there is actually a quicker way to do this - without doing two separate imports?

However, the problem I am having, is doing this with ALL the data I am trying to import. If there is any data with duplicate 'Account Names', it will NOT enable me to import the Contacts.... I can import the duplicates into the 'Account' Entity fine, although they are without any contact information (as I have altered the Duplicate Rules in Settings). But when it comes to importing the data in the Contacts Entity, with the same Account Name, but different Address and Primary Contact etc., it simply will not allow it. The error reads - 'A duplicate lookup reference was found'. Error Code 0x80040352.

Our Data consists of many Duplicate 'Account Name' records but with different locations and different Primary Contact Names - I need to find a way to sort this issue. Is there any way of actually achieving this? As it would be very time consuming to have to alter the Excel Spread sheet to instead have ALL individual Account Names.

Would be very much appreciated if someone has any advice on this!!!



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