CRM2011 VM is not running into Oracle Virtual Box.

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I have CRM2011 VHD & I wanted to run it at Oracle Virtual Box. Operating system at computer is Windows 2008 Standard 64 bit.

I installed Oracle Virtual Box and mapped the vhd as per the instructions given 

After this when I start machine it goes into endless loop and keeps rebooting. When I click the Setting button Oracle Virtual box, I am getting an error message   "Failed to access the USB subsystem.
Could not load the Host USB Proxy Service (VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND). The service might not be installed on the host computer."

USB port is disabled at the server due to security reasons.

Any came across such issue or guide me to get my vhd running.

I understand that my question is more on Oracle Virtual Box front & search in that area however I could not find any working solution for it.


Javed Nehal

Javed Nehal Jamali

Senior Functional Consultant - CRM

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