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I need to migrate a CRM Online Trial (30 days) to other CRM Online subcription (1 year). Please can you tell me where I can find a how to´s to do this?

Thanks in advace

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  • You need to make arrangements to pay for your subscription for the trial through the microsoftonline.com portal. This will convert your trial to a paid subscription.

    Once you login, go to Admin, and then Licensing.  From there you can choose your CRM Online instance and add your billing information and number of users.

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  • Hi Brian,

    Sorry, but I don´t explained correctly.(my English is very poor)

    Now I have a paid subcription active, and I have other one trial. I need migrate the trial enviroment and content to the paid subcription (actually empty)

    Thanks in advance.

  • Follow these steps to convert your 30-day trial subscription to a paid Microsoft Dynamics CRM subscription:

    Sign in to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online account by using your user ID, and then click the Purchase Now link on your home page.

    Choose how many licenses you want to purchase.

    Under Optional add-ons, you can add more storage.

    To continue, click Check Out.

    Review your purchase, and click Next to continue.

    Select a payment type. You cannot change the payment type after the purchase.

    Payment options

    Credit Card

    You can pay for a year upfront or monthly.

    To see the credit card invoices, you must be a global or billing admin.

    Charges for the credit card will be charged upfront.


    You must meet the invoicing threshold for the invoicing option to appear. In US dollars, the minimum amount in the US is $500, in India $50, for the rest of the world $250.

    You can pay for a year upfront or monthly.

    To see the invoice, you must be a global or billing admin.

    Invoice will be billed upfront. You should receive the first invoice notification within 24 to 48 hours after signing up.

    If the transaction is over $15,000 (monthly or annually, depending on the invoicing period), the transaction is put on hold and you will receive a credit application. After you submit the application, it may take 2 to 3 days to process. If credit is approved, the transaction can proceed.

    Enterprise Agreement

    Follow the normal Volume Licensing purchase process

    Review the legal agreement, sign it, and click Next.

    Review the order details, click Place Order, and then click Continue.

    For the provisioning to complete, at least one user must be assigned.

    In the Management area, click Users.

    Select the user who added the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscription, and click Edit.

    Click Settings.

    Verify that the option for administrator permissions is set to Yes and the drop-down list shows the Global Administrator role selected. Click Save.

    Go back to the Admin Overview page.

    You should now be able to manage your Microsoft Dynamics CRM subscription.



  • HI,

    Are you saying about migrating all your data from your trial org to paid subscription if yes then use Instance adapter to sync data between multiple instances. It's available for free from Microsoft.

    You can download it here:


    Check the below link for more information:


    Thank You.