No automatic creating of contacts for emails from emailrouter

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A customer wants to have the red underlined emailaddress in crm 2011 (not creating automatically a contact). We have removed the automatic creation of contacts on the emailrouter user, but now emails are not getting through to the queue. Is there any way to get the CRM4.0 functionality back where the emailadress is put in the queue item with the red underlined without creating a contact?

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  • There is a setting in the email tab of System settings if you are to allow emails from unknowns into the system. This needs to be enabled. This should work.

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  • Hi ,

    thanks for you answer, but when i look in the email settings i see a setting for outgoing mail "allow messages with unresolved e-mail recipients to be sent". Is this also working for incoming mail or am i looking at the wrong setting.

    please advise?

  • Hi Roy,

    Yes, the "allow messages with unresolved email recipients to be sent" is the option you are looking for.


  • You can refer to this link please: