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I use CRM to manage businesses and the people who work within them.  Frequently, these people leave their current employer to go work for others in our database.  I'm looking for a way to a contact to a different parent account.  

For example, Sally works at ABC Industries and I have extensive activities, notes and follow up attached to her contact record.  She leaves ABC Industries to work for Corp X.  If I delete her contact from ABC Industries and add her to Corp X's contacts, I'll loose this information.  How can I just move her contact file to be a child of Corp X?

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  • No need to delete - there should be a field on the Contact record called Parent Customer (might be named differently in your environment) - this should be a lookup type field. You should be able to change this to a different Account record - do so will make the Contact show up under that Account without losing any of the history. 

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  • You can change the Parent Account, but that moves the history under the contact to the new company.  That can be confusing IF the communications are regarding the Account.

    If you don't want to lose the history from that individual under their prior company, you can just create a new contact record at their new company and create a Connection between the new contact and the former contact and/or employer with a role of "Former Employer".

    Definitely do not delete any records.  Always Deactivate the old records once the connection is made between the new and old record.

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  • There is a Parent Customer field but there is no lookup capability next to it.  Is this something that needs to be customized?