Dynamics CRM Office 365 Server URL not found

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Hi guys, I am setting up the CRM email router for Dynamics CRM in Office 365 and it is not taking the URL for the server, we are located in the US, so it should be disco.crm.dynamics.com/<organization unique name>, but when I enter that in, it sends me to a 404 on a website, and it does not work in the email router.

URL should be: disco.crm.dynamics.com/bsnconnect but that does not work.

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  • Hello Chris,

    I would request you to verify the last part of the URL (Organization Unique Name) by going to Settings >> Customization >> Developer Resources. A good option would be to copy the unique name found under Developer resources and past it in the URL box in the email router.

    Best Regards,

    Shahid S

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support Engineer