CRM 2013 Outlook Client Performance Issue

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I am a Microsoft CRM Partner and after Microsoft recently updated my company's CRM from CRM 2011 Online to CRM 2013 Online I am having performance issues with the Outlook Client on my laptop.

I am running this on a laptop that has Windows 7 32 Bit and am using Outlook 2010.  My laptop has an i3 processor with 4 GB of RAM.

The system seems way slower than 2011 Online with the Outlook Client using Outlook 2010 on the same laptop.

If I go into the task manager I see that it is using 92% of Physical Memory.  Before I launched the Outlook Client my laptop was using about around 50% of Physical Memory.

If I click on the Applications Tab in the Task Manager,  I see that there are literally 27 instances of "Microsoft Dynamics CRM" running.

I tried uninstalling the Outlook Client and reinstalling it but I am seeing the same thing.

Any idea as to what is causing my system to run so slow and take up so much memory and what I can do about it?

If I were to go all of the hassle of reformatting the hard drive and then reinstalling Windows 7 with 64 bit how much of a difference would you expect that to make?


Rick Bellefond

RB Data Services

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  • Hello Rick,

    We are having similar issues with some of our 32-bit Windows 7 machines. Memory consumption goes very high and then Outlook 2013 and/or Internet Explorer will crash or experience really sluggish performance.

    It is occurring both in the Web Client and Outlook.

    Hopefully this thread will be picked up by support. I am opening a case with CRM online and will report back with any feedback Microsoft have on the issue.


  • Hi Tom,

    I figured that I probably wasn't the only one who has Windows 7 32 bit that is having performance issues with CRM 2013 running from the CRM Oulook client.

    Did you ever open a case with support and if so were they able to help?



  • Hello Rick,

    What is current update rollup installed on CRM client for outlook ?


    Satish Tiwari

    Support Engineer

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Hi Satish,

    I have version 6.0.0000.0809 installed.


  • Hello Rick,

    Unfortunately, due to the complexity of this issue we are unable to assist with this request effectively in the Forums. I would like to suggest you to submit a support incident so that a dedicated Support Professional can assist with this request.

    Thank you for your understanding!


    Satish Tiwari

    Support Engineer

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Any answer ever from this?  We are having similar issues

  • No answer.

    One thing that I did try on my own that did seem to help was to upgrade to Office 2013 from Office 2010.  That did improve performance.

  • Thanks for the reply Rick

  • I found that upgrading to 64bit Win7 was the best solution, however it still can occur even with a 64bit OS. What I've done in the past is to disable as many Outlook Add-ons as possible, uninstall the client, reinstall and then follow these instructions:

    1.       Open Outlook

    2.       Click File in the upper left corner

    3.       Click CRM

    4.       Click Options

    5.       In the options screen, choose the Synchronization tab

    6.       Click on the link for Outlook Filters

    7.       On the Outlook Filters list, choose fewer/relevant items and deselect as many of the others as possible.

    8.       Click OK

  • I've read that the latest rollup helped tremendously with this issue as well. (At least as it related to CRm 2011)

     Joshua Thompson
     Sr. Associate - Technology Services

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  • I had a ton of trouble with the CRM 2011 Outlook client (both before and after the roll up), but since we upgraded to 2013 we've had no issues (that sound you hear is me knocking on wood until my hands bleed).

  • Hi Tim,

    Since I have upgraded from Outlook 2010 to Outlook 2013 the performance has improved to the point where, while slower than I would like, it is fast enough for now.

    I am only going to keep this laptop for another year or so.

    When I replace it I am sure it will have a 64 os installed and will get a faster processor (right now I have an i3) and put in more RAM (I currently have 4 GB).

    I might try disabling several add-ins that I am not currently using such as SharePoint, One Note and Lync.  

    Thanks for your thoughts.