Why do I get errors when trying to reimport Leads' list (in csv) - to update existing Leads in CRM?

Why do I get errors when trying to reimport Leads' list (in csv) - to update existing Leads in CRM?

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Hi! I need to update about 600 Leads in CRM (one column - Status), and I exported it (static) in Excel (xml), then, because the file is too big for reimport, cut it up in csv (xml would not allow me to modify the first row and the first column), checked that all columns are the same (+the Lead "ID code" hidden column - did not touch, as I understand it links the record to all others (potential duplicates) in CRM), and I tried reimporting it (now below the size limit many times), but every time the import is completed, with as many errors (failures) as there are records, and a message I got was (description): "A record was not created or updated because a duplicate of the current record already exists".

I understand it might work if I set up the the duplicate settings to "Allow duplicates" in the last step of the import, but what if I end up with +600 Leads (with the correct Status stetting, but IN ADDITION to the ones (about 600) I am supposed to edit?

I can try with one entry, but I expect it to just create a duplicate.

Please help!

(I do not think manual editing here is an option - this would be just so wrong).

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  • When you exported, did you check the box at the bottom of the form to make the data available for re-import?

    Jason Lattimer
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  • Yes, that i did!

    But then after I edited it, I saved it in csv (and was wondering if it is more strict than it says - only allows xml (to reimport properly). Also, when I zip it, it becomes less than the suggested 32MB limit for zip files, but still says "too big for import"..

  • Hi..

    Please do not export so many columns else your file would be too big to import back , only export columns those you want to edit. Do not change or cut the file and simply import back into CRM. Do not forget to select the option "make the data available for re-import" while exporting.

    Hope this help !


    Suumit Bhatanagar