CRM 2013 - Can a child dialog call another child dialog

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I'm creating dialogs to script the customer service process an agent will perform while working cases. I have an on demand dialog that called a child dialog based on a response value. Works great. Now that child dialog performed a prompt/response and is linking to another child dialog.

Problem is that when this second child dialog comes up, there is a warning message at the top saying:

"Some content on the page has changed".

The master (original) dialog nor the first child dialog did anything to the case, didn't update anything or perform any actions other than prompt/response and calling the child dialogs.

Is there a limit that a child dialog can not call another one?



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  • Hi,

    Still hoping someone knows the answer to this -- if a child dialog can call another child dialog.

    Meanwhile, does anyone have any other suggestions of ways to author fairly long interactive dialogs, in my case its to build up interactive scripts used by a service desk during initial call triage.



  • Hi Marc,

    Yes. As long as there is a Child Dialog activated, you can create a new Child Dialog and link the currently activated dialog to this as well. You still must have a prompt and response step in order to complete the dialog.

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  • Thanks Aaron.

    Is there any limit to this? In other words, can an original on-demand dialog call a child process, and then the child process calls a second child process, and then that one calls a third child process, etc. Effectively chaining them together to improve readability and to get around the 4 level deep nesting of dialogs.

    Thanks in advance!

    I sure wish we could create .Net forms (MVC?) and implement those for interactive dialogs!!