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hi all.

I have a lookup field in case entity that looks at account entity.

I need to be able to choose more than 1 account - "multi select".

I followed thecode from :

But its not working.

shouldn't this line: document.getElementById(lookupFieldName).setAttribute("lookupstyle", "multi");

make the lookup field available to muliti selction and look like the β€œto” field when composing an email in outlook ?

we work with online CRM Fall 13

Your help is much appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    The approach suggested in the blog is unsupported. Any DOM manipulations ( such as document.getElementById) is unsupported. You will have to use references.

    Also, note that the lookup style has changed in CRM 2013. The above approach which worked for you in CRM 2011 wont work for you in CRM 2013. Perhaps, you could look at developing a custom lookup using ASP.NET. I would say the effort is much more than what it took for you in CRM 2011.

    Hope this helps.



  • Karth, thanks for your help :)

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