Would like creation date (in 2013) be the title in notes as it was in CRM 2011

Would like creation date (in 2013) be the title in notes as it was in CRM 2011

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We have recently upgraded from 2011 to 2013 and our users are complaining about the Notes feature. It used to automatically set the title of the Note to the creation date of the note. In 2013 this is gone and you have to hover over the modified date to get the creation date. They don't want to hover they want the creation date back as the title of the note. (As an aside, prior to Rollup 1, the only thing shown in the hover was the time not the date, this is a little better at least).

Does anyone know how to accomplish such a thing?


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  • If you want to set the title of the notes to the created date, then you will have to achieve this through the Plugins. You cant do it through Workflows for sure.

  • The notes are a bit of a funny entity because Microsoft don't seem to let you change them very much with things like workflows.

    You might be able to do it with Javascript

    but I think you should definitely be able to do it with a plugin.

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  • Thanks Karth, not too familiar with building a plugin. Do you know of any sample plugins that could be learned from to do the same?


  • Ideally, since this is custom development, it has to be done by a developer who has knowledge on CRM and .NET.

    You can download the CRM SDK from the below link. It has some sample code of CRM Plugins that might help you.


  • Thanks I get that now. Is it possible to do via JavaScript?

  • Notes does not support the On Load, On Save and On Change events. So, you might have to do it either on save or on load of the parent form. Even if you have to develop some javascript, you will still have to write some server side code. My pick would be to achieve this through plugins.

  • The other option would be to write a script on load to populate the date in the subject

  • Hi Philip, from Karth previous post apparently there is no Onload script for Notes. Or did you have a different way to do it?

  • I was referring to the load script of the page. I think on save would a good way to do it