Deleted Advanced Finds still appearing as views in Outlook CRM 2011

Deleted Advanced Finds still appearing as views in Outlook CRM 2011

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Any solutions for this? I've deleted a number of advanced finds yet they are still appearing in the view list from Outlook in the folders. If you then click the advanced find button when using one of the deleted views, you get an error message.

When looking at crm on IE, the deleted advanced finds do not appear in the view list so it's obviously yet another outlook/crm issue.

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  • Have you tried reinstall the outlook client? The offline mode is not active?

    The offiline mode keeps a database for offline reference. Never used but it can be a tip!

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    Ricardo Gonçalves

  • Thanks but it appears on other people's list of views as well - shared advanced find that has been deleted.

    I have had outlook reinstalled recently as well though.

  • Hello,

    Is it CRM 2013 or 2011 and Online or On Premise ?

    If On Premise then what is the update rollup installed on CRM server and client ?

    What is the error message that we see when clicking on the deleted views ?

    Does the system administrator also facing this issue ?


  • CRM 2011 On Premise - 5.0.9690.3236 (DB) 5.0.9690.3236

    I am the system administrator and received the same message as the end user. Forgot to take a screen shot at the time of the error.

    However, it has resolved itself over the past couple of days. I had deleted the views approx 3-5 days before the end user was attempting to view them so can only guess that there was some cache issue.

    Cheers for the responses.