How to run a report on exported data from sales portal

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How to run a report on exported data from sales portal as we would like to cross check

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  • Hi,

    Reconciliation/cross checking is a very good idea, but you are going to have to give us more to go on to answer your question!

    Is your data exported from a sales portal into Dynamics CRM? What you would you like to cross check against?

    It might be that you have to export your data from CRM into Excel using the 'Export to Excel' button - then you can do any cross checking there.


    Scott Durow

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  • Thanks for the reply Scott

    The sales data is sitting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM under opportunities, we feel that a sales agent has EXPORTED all the Open Opportunities and Exported them to excel!

    Is there a management tool to advise us if the sales agent has Exported the data to an excel sheet?

    Can we disable the Export function moving forward

  • Hi there,

    You have the option to revoke the "Export to Excel" privileges for your user's security role. The implication of this is, let alone opportunities, the user will not be able to export any CRM data to Excel.

    There's no OOB Auditing available for 'Export to Excel'. If the application supported Audit of Read operations, perhaps this was possible.

    Below is a blog article on how to audit Export to Excel using IIS logs. Hope this helps.