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I'm working on a CRM 2011 project where the CRM must retrieve data from the website, so that people who register on the following website are automatically saved to CRM as a contact.
So I explained to the company that develops the website that they can use the CRM web service to perform this operation.

What are the information and settings that I should give them so they can use the web service to store data in 2 entities (contact and a custom entity).

I don't know what is their development platform, but I think it is not necessary, since the web service is available regardless of platform and programming language.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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  • Hello Noureddine,

    Please take a look at this .

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  • Ideally, the CRM Development team in your org can expose a WCF Service to the company that develops the website. They should then be able to access the WCF service and push data to your WCF Service. The business logic within your WCF Service will create the CRM records.

    Leaving the development of the WCF Service to the other company has its own risks that you need to evaluate. Someone there will need expertise on the CRM development platform.

  • Thanks SHAHID & KARTH for your answers,

    I would like to provide information to the other company so they can use a strongly typed class in Dynamics CRM 2011 without using sdk assemblies.

    Especially since I don't know their development platform and at the beginning of the project I had told them that CRM 2011 provides a Web Service to communicate with it regardless of their platform.

    Similarly, they will provide us their web service for recording some information on their platform.

    I found a page indicating that the WSDL generation from the 2007 endpoint in CRM 2011 should work exactly as it did in CRM 4.0: http://<servername[:port]>/mscrmservices/2007/crmservice.asmx?WSDL&uniquename=organizationName
    When I tested it, the reference to the web service generates classes for all entities with their fields (even custom entities), but I can not instantiate the web service. Here's how I do: CrmService service = new CrmService (); 

    but the CrmService class is not recognized is that this is correct ?

    Here is the url of the source page :

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.


  • Hello,

    does anyone has a solution or suggestion that allows access and use of CRM 2011 web service for a developer no .NET ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Check out CozyRoc - it is inexpensive and a great tool. We've had great success with it on both  2011 and 2013 deployments. It would have been a bear to load data from legacy systems without it.


  • You can also check out KingswaySoft.  It was developed by Daniel Cai, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP.  Great tool, great support!

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  • Scribe, CozyRoc and Kingswaysoft are all good third party tools. I'm curious why you're having issues with the SOAP request though. It should be like any other SOAP request (you will need to reference the format within the CRM SDK) but you should be able to call it from anywhere. Take a look at this post:

    Also, your CRM org will have a specific WSDL and Organization.svc endpoint. You can get that by going to Settings -> Customizations -> Developer Resources

    CRM also exposes RESTful interfaces you can take advantage of as well.

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