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Hi all,

I am struggling with below question for my Dashboard view for my appointments. My APPOINTMENT entity has:

- on the main form, "Outcome of the Meeting" text field (this is where I can put notes of my meetings)

- Additional Participants sub-grid to entity called "Additional Participants" - besides few other items in it there is a choice for user to Share the appointment record with any team other team.

What I want to accomplish in my Dashboard view is to have BOTH of the below:

1) I want to see all the appointments of my team which have notes in the appointment, this is as per option 1 in my screenshot, and that alone works fine.

2) I want to be able to also see all the appointments OTHER TEAMS have decided to share with MY team,  which is under option 2 in screenshot.
Each of these options works fine individually but when combined it does not work, and I don't understand why??? Is there no way to have it as OR condition for these? Any advice would be much appreciated!


Thanks so much

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