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S W asked a question on 7 Jul 2014 6:14 AM


I have a user that is having problems with CRM 2013 contact form not saving.

If you change a value in a field on the contact form, then click save (or wait 30 seconds for the auto save to take place), if you then navigate away from this contact and return, it doesn't hold the new value.  The original value remains, so it doesnt seem to be saving.

Not getting any errors to indicate a problem.

It's only starting happening in the past couple of weeks, i'm thinking it could be something to do with service pack 1.

Can anyone kindly help me with this.

Kind regards


Arpita Saini responded on 8 Jul 2014 4:11 AM

Is this issue only with this user ? Did you check if other users facing the problem?

To isolate try giving it a sys admin role in cases he is not sys admin and see if issue gets fixed. By this we can see if the problem is due to privilege missing.

Next, try a different browser chrome or firefox and see the difference if any.

Update me with the results.