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CRM for Teams asked a question on 9 Feb 2015 9:07 PM

We have upgraded to CRM 2015 over the weekend, we are working thru the issues associted with this however most is looking pretty good.


We upgrade to CRM 2015 early as we are wanting to use the iPad app, unfortunately as the iPads updated to iOS 8.0+ the app was opening but wasn't able to open the More Commands button bottom right had corner. 


Now that we have upgraded the online premise version, i'm trying to open the App...

I deleted the App and reinstalled, I went to set up, got to the signin page, then was redirected to my organisation page. 


At this point something fails and I get the following message;


Would appreciate any assistance you can provide please.




Anne Goddard

Bryn Miller responded on 16 Feb 2015 10:37 AM

Are you on premise or online?

What version of 8 are you on?

Jimena Gaona responded on 16 Feb 2015 11:48 AM

Hi CRM for Teams,

I'm Jimena Gaona, I had a similar incident using CRM App  version (CRM):  2.0.26 for iPad Air (iOS 8.1.2) but the organization is ONLINE, if is a similar case I would like to share a possible resolution:

+ When you try to connect to this app using an iPad Air and get these kind of traces:

LabelId="query.DC35F396-6A35-4b3f-BE27-                                  3F2F7BD9D8C4.cell.opportunityroleidname.label on Opportunity Associated Extended

+ You have to work around by disabling the Opportunity entity to be used on Tablet.

In case the Opportunity entity is needed, we can just the delete the LabelId="query.DC35F396-6A35-4b3f-BE27-3F2F7BD9D8C4.cell.opportunityroleidname.label" in layoutxml tag of Opportunity Associated Extended View.

+ Please let me know if you need more information about this kind of incident.


Jimena Gaona

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