Is anonymous authentication of CRM website required for Email Router

Is anonymous authentication of CRM website required for Email Router

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We have Upgraded CRM 4 to 2011. On the CRM 4.0 we used to have Anonymous Authentication of the CRM website Disabled. On the New version this setting prevents Email Router from sending outgoing emails.

Configuration Details: CRM 2011 and Email Router are installed on the same The EM manager settings: Email Server type: SMTP; Authentication  is Windows; Access Credentials: Local System. The User that we test with setup with incoming Forward Mailbox; Outgoing - Email Router.

If Anonymous Authentication of the CRM website switched to Enabled on the CRM website - emails flow through. But we'd like to keep it Disabled.

Does Anonymous Authentication required for the Email Router? Are any of this settings incorrect?

Thank you.

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  • Lana,

    I don't think it is can also follow these steps to configure your email rotuer as well:

    Good Luck!

  • This article is about creating an SMTP server on CRM server itself, this is something we don’t want to do

  • Another piece of information:

    as soon as I disable Anonymous Authentication on CRM Website, E-mail Router Conf. Manager is unable to Load Data on "Users, Ques, and Forward Mailboxes" tab. And Enabling Anonymous fixes that.

    I suspect this is related to our problem.

    Looking for more ideas. Thanks a lot.

  • Hi Lana,

    Anonymous Authentication is enabled in CRM 2011 by default. So please do not desable it.



  • Hi Mohammad,

    Thanks for the answer.

    I left Anonymous enabled on the Website level and disabled it only for ISV nod. Is that ok?

    The problem is that if it's enabled than on my custom asp page Request.ServerVariables("AUTH_USER") returns blank, but I need to know who is looking at the page. Is there any other way to do this.?


  • Hi Lana,

    Please let it be enabled for CRM website which is by default settings and see the behavior.