MS CRM 4.0 PidGen.dll cannot be loaded from this path

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Exception message: Invalid license. PidGen.dll cannot be loaded from this path C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Server\bin\PidGen.dll
This server and the install of MS CRM has been up and running for over 3 years and never showed sign of this error until after rollup 21.
This error effected all deployments on each server and halted the application use completely, bringing production use to a halt. The issue occurs randomly but generally once every 24 hours. After roughly two weeks the issue appears on another server that we applied rollup 21 too. Same issue and result, which occurred randomly once every 24 hours.
To work around the issue, a simple recycle of the MS CRM app pool returns the application back to a functional state until the error appears again. We have reached out to MS directly but they have so far been unable to identify the root cause or reason for the error.

1.       Our licenses are up to date and valid.

2.       Our group policies have not changed as other MS CRM servers we host do not exhibit the issue.

3.       We have tried replacing the PidGen.dll from another known good server, but the issue continues.

4.       We have granted all rights/access to the MS CRM related folders and IIS related folders, but the issue continues.

5.       We bounced, restarted and validated all system services are up and functional.

6.       We have eliminated the anti-virus.

If anyone has any insight or ideas on this please post. We are at the point of rolling back to update 10 or worse, migrating all deployments to a new clean server install.
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  • We have exact same issue. Please let us know if any solution.

  • Hello Senthil&Neruos,

    Just an update. This issue has come to our notice and we are investigating it.

    We should have a fix for it soon.


    Sudhir Nory

  • I am also experiencing the same issue. Please let me know when a fix is available.

  • Following reply we got from MS Support.

    The release of the fix for CRM 4.0 is still under progress.The workaround would be to Recycle the CRM application pool.

  • Recycling CRMAppPool is not always helping, restarting CRMAppPool is not always helping, iisreset helps always. Microsoft already provided one fix for us (we have support case open for this) but it didn't help.

    When can we expect proper fix?

  • Sudhir - Has there been a hot fix or any solution for this yet ? Or do we have to roll back to the last working CRM rollup?

  • We've the same issue and have been working with Microsoft for months now.  We still haven't a resolution since this issue occurs sporadically.

  • Hi Sudhir and anyone else,

    We've the same problem. It's starting after Rollup 21. Any hint or fix how to solve this??

  • No answer yet.  We just provided Microsoft with memory dump files when the problem occurred but they haven't analyzed it yet.

    As a workaround, you can create an eventtrigger to automatically kick off a script to reset IIS until this issue is resolved.  Depends on what OS you're running...

  • Last reply from Microsoft sent on Monday, October 15, 2012

    "I wanted to update you that the issue that you reported is still under investigation and we are waiting for a fix on it. I will keep you posted once I have the fix available. As this needs intense review of the code, multiple tests to be done, this is taking time for the fix to come out."

    We have CRM 4.0 in Windows 2003 So I have created a windows service which recycle CRM App pool when it sees an pidgen.dll error in event log.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your comments. I try this earlier but iisreset and CRM App pool recycle won't helps as. I'm very happy if anyone now what to do...

  • Hello,

    we also have this error for some hours now.

    Any Updates from Microsoft?

  • Hello,

    I also thought that recycling application pool is not working, however the problem was that w3wp process was hanged and AppPool was not getting recycled.

    Now I have a small app that is checking the system every 5 minutes and recycles AppPool when there is Pidgen error. It happens almost every day. That solution is fine as we have problem only with Test system.  However as we have no idea what is causing this issue, we cannot be sure that our Production system will not be impacted one day.

  • Hi again,

    We use our CRM with Windows Server 2003 32 -bit. I made little compare server and install media files and notice that some reason pidgen.dll file in C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM\Server\bin -folder is 64 bit version. Why, I don't know.  So, I delete this and copy new pidgen.dll file from CRM 4.0 install media (Server\i386\PFiles\MSCRM\Server\bin -folder), run iisreset and everything works!

  • Hi,

    We solved this problem by replacing PidGen.dll in bin folder from other server.