Error when importing a security role in an organization

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I tried to import a solution and failed. Because some security role (look at the image). Does anyone has gone through this experience before?

This security role already exist on the Organization. Should this overwrite the security role?

The message error: 0x80048017 - Cannot import security role. The role with specified role id is not updatable or role name is not unique.


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  • Hi Renan,

    Can you please share or attach your solution file which is being imported? Also, please click on "Download log" to download to XML based error file.



  • Hey guys ... did you find resolution of this ?

  • Hey Guys,

    I could resolve this problem, I updated the role in the customized layer for which import was giving error and then published it. The re-import after was successful.




  • This error happens when you import a role into a an organisation that already has a role with the same name - but a different unique Identifier.

    The resolution is to rename the role in the target organisation.

    Scott Durow

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  • Hello Renan

    I believe there would be an option to download log file. If possible please download it and share the error code and message that is there.

    This kind of error comes when we have issues related to security role with same id or name. Seems that there is a conflict between the name or GUID of the security role.

    You can try this - Check or verify the role that is giving problem while importing. Try update the role in the customized layer. Then import this again.

    See if this helps.

    Thank You !

  • Rename that role ,export and re import.