Audit History not Working

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In our CRM the audit history brings back the error message 'SQL Server Error' with the only option of try again and cancel. This is happening for Leads, Contacts and opportunities. Not sure what to do at all.

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  • We are also facing the same issue. Please suggest.

  • I just checked which rollup is installed on our CRM server and it is rollup 5, would installing 11 be the first step in trying to fix this as itt should be done anyway?

  • We have already installed rollup 11 but still have the issue.

  • Our Audit history is still broken is there anything I can do?

  • We are receiving the same error message as it relates to Contacts.  Any updates?

  • Ours magically started working again about 2 weeks ago, we have no idea how it happened.

  • can you please enable the platform tracing and capture the detailed error message



  • We are encountering the same problem with Accounts.  Although some accounts will show the audit history, others do not.  The error message displayed is the same as the one mentioned above.  Any suggestions?  We are using CRM cloud-based with the 2013 update.

  • Have you looked in your audit history logs? One of our customers has the problem that the audit log serial numbers and the order of the dates does not fit. That means the audit logs are not in the correct order.


    SN   From              To

    1      01/01/2013     04/01/2013

    2      01/01/2014     04/01/2014

    3      10/01/2013     01/01/2014


    In this case you're not able to delete an audit log because you have to delete the oldest first which is not possible because of the wrong order of the serial number.

  • Thank you for your response.  The dates seem to be in sync however, I did notice that the last log was from Dec.31/2013 until March 31/2014 but we are only in the month of February.  Would that be a problem?  What happens when you delete a log, does it delete the Audit History records as well?

  • Can you please check there is enough space in the SQL box? Sometime space issues can cause the trouble.

  • That is very interesting.  We've been receiving messages from Microsoft that we have reached 80% of our storage.  We are using the hosted app.  Do you think that could create the problem?