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  • Forum Post: Re: Making heads and tails och services, etc in CRM 4.0?

    In my experience, contracts is one of the least used parts of CRM. If you are not specifying time allocations or numbers of cases beforehand, I don't think you need to be overly concerned with contracts. Service activities are great for companies which have well-defined services which go for well...
  • Forum Post: Re: Sales process from Leads to ....

    I would use the same lead record and only disqualify it when they directly say they are not interested. If you send an email and hear nothing, they are ripe for a resend. So leads would fall into one of three categories. Closed and converted, closed and disqualified, and open. You can go to an open lead...
  • Forum Post: Re: Service provider CRM on SBS?

    I'm not sure but isn't SBS limited to 75 users? One decent sized client or 2-3 average sized ones and you'll have to immediately migrate. Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: CRM 4.0 and CRM Outlook Client issues

    The address book one I've seen similar behaviour. If you go to the option settings for the user, there is now an Address Book tab. I have yet to see the option of having just the user's contacts populate the address book work. The only option that appears to work is if the user accepts all contacts...
  • Forum Post: Project Management & Time sheet registration add-on for Dynamics CRM 3.0 and 4.0

    Our Project Management & Time sheet registration add-on lets you do everything you need to handle projects & time-tracking within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Using the standard workflow of CRM, you can set up templates with standard project activities. Being able to use Microsoft Dynamics tools for...
  • Forum Post: Re: CRM 4.0 and CRM Outlook Client issues

    In the Outlook client, CRM-Options-Address Book tab. Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: Very New to CRM

    If you have the requirements and a fair idea of their current business processes, the next step is to work out how CRM fits into this. If you don't have it already, download the demo VPC and user's guide from Microsoft downloads. Once you have this you can work out where the gaps are and how...
  • Forum Post: Re: Duplicate an entity instead of recreating one from scratch

    There isn't a copy entity function per se. You could export the contact entity and edit the configuration xml by hand to create something nearly identical but there are a few relationships/fields you wont'be be able to include (like customer) because they are system entities and not enabled for...
  • Forum Post: Re: Check list linked to a new course form

    One way to do this would be with workflow. On the creation of the course record, a number of tasks are created against the entity. These would sync back to Outlook. Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: A course edition linked to a year

    Add a year attribute to the course form and then you can advanced find off this field. Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: Check list linked to a new course form

    I personally would still push for activity creation as you can report off this a lot more easily than a spreadsheet. You can stage them so that when the last activity of one stage is completed the next ones are created. Another option would be to iFrame the spreadsheet or an equivalent and hold the...
  • Forum Post: Re: error importing a CSV file

    I can't see an attached file but this error msg can display if the file contains carriage returns in it. Often these crop up if the source of data is something like Outlook which dumps into csv format without stripping these out. To clean up the data, isolate the column giving you grief and use...
  • Forum Post: Re: Mobile client for CRM 4.0

    Hi, The browser-based version for CRM 4.0, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile Express, is supposed to be available in beta late 2008 according to Microsoft. Microsoft has a Windows Mobile client for CRM 4.0 in the works through a joint effort with TenDigits but it hasn't been released yet . Several Independant...
  • Forum Post: Re: Why upgrade CRM 3.0 to 4.0?

    The best place to go would be the 'what's new' guides but here are a few changes: -Can handle multi-currencies for opportunities -Can handle multiple languages on the one implementation -Much more freedom in defining relationships between entities -Multi-tenancy (can have multiple company...
  • Forum Post: Re: Move CRM4 contact data to Outlook?

    If you have the option enabled, all contacts you've created or that belong to accounts you've created will be automatically synced to Outlook. The rules behind what gets brought down to Outlook can also be changed to suit your needs i.e. 'only sync contacts whose name is XXX' Leon...
  • Forum Post: Re: Leads/Contacts/Accounts/Opportunities

    Generally speaking the definitions are quite flexible but here is the common definition: Lead: An unqualified opportunity. This could be as simple as a business card or a conversation overheard in a pub Contact: The individuals your business interacts with during the normal course of the day (normally...
  • Forum Post: Re: Upgrade: CRM 3.0 > CRM 4.0 - with the data migration?

    The implementation guide is a good start: This takes you some of the way there. The rest you should be able to piece together from the forum posts and Google. The short version is...
  • Forum Post: Re: Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework

    There was a component called the Bridge Framework and it was great. Microsoft themselves used this in some of their demos and the part of it people remember was the ability to adjust a quote in Word and send this information directly back to CRM from the Word screen. The bad news is it was available...
  • Forum Post: Re: Uploading from one crm system to MS Crm

    Short of developing an import utility or using a third party tool like Scribe, if you can extract the data out of the CRM into csv format, you can import it using the standard import utilities that come with CRM. Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: tax and discount

    Could you use a discount list and set the minimum to 1? Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: Localised sample data

    Save the data into a unicode-compliant text file, NOT a csv. The import tool will read it and bring the data in correctly. Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: Move CRM4 contact data to Outlook?

    You need to look for the local data rules and modify the rules for Contacts. Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: Track in CRM for Appoinments

    In the user options (CRM-Options). On the general tab you can turn off what gets synched between CRM and Outlook. Turn off the 'Appointment' option and it should stop synching. Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: More help desiding Business Units

    It also depends on whether you will be running reports based on a user's department. As a general rule I create the structure as it saves messing around later on. Leon Tribe
  • Forum Post: Re: Migrating CRM 4.0 to a new server

    Broadly speaking you install CRM 4.0 on the new server and you can then restore the VMWare CRM DB onto the new SQL server and add it in via the deployment manager. The implementation guide gives information on this: