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Advanced Find exporting to Excel unable to read file.

Hi, I'm having this issue with exporting to an Excel file. I do an advanced find, and then click on Export data to Excel, it works fine, the usual window pops up asking if I want to Open, Save or Cancel. I want to click on Open, but it returns an error saying "Unable to read file". It...
Forum Thread | on 21 Oct 2014 by Ssizz

CRM 2013 not processing emails (server-side synch)

Hi all, I have a number of mailboxes which are connected to crm via server-side synch. When I first activated the mailboxes, the emails were processing and using the new auto-create cases, cases were being created based on the emails in these mailboxes successfully. I then 'Deactivated'...
Forum Thread | on 20 Oct 2014 by colinmc

Sending and receiving the http request using CRM SDK?

Hi, I am searching for a way to send and receive HTTP request to a third party web service from the UI of the CRM. I have looked into the Javascript and Plugin methods but i am not sure any of those will do my work, before I go for those I want to make sure which will do the job. Thanks,
Forum Thread | on 20 Oct 2014 by Rana Muhammad Waqas

Can't login CRM

I'm System admin of CRM and Office 365. But I also cannot access the CRM. It shows' below error
Forum Thread | on 18 Oct 2014 by Mithun Dey

How to open CRM on my client ?

Hi experts, I've successfully installed CRM 2013 for multitier architecture, here is the full picture see i've 3 machines i.e., CRMSERVER which is my server where i've installed my crm, second is CRMSQL which is is sql server of crm, and the last is CRMWEB which is my client, now my question...
Forum Thread | on 14 Oct 2014 by Sumit khanduri

xRM running duplicate detection rule

I am running a duplicate detection rule through a .NET program which runs a rule (which exists within CRM) and I am intending to bring back the guids for all the contacts which are duplicates. When I run the rule, I only seem to get the "base" records which are duplicates back i.e. the ones...
Forum Thread | on 13 Oct 2014 by colinmc

Bar Code Scanner

Hello, I would like to incorporate a Barc Code Scanner with CRM to scan items from our ware for checked in or checked out. The scanner would scan two codes, the [product code and its Box number] and update the product status as either being (checked in or checked out). example http://www.youtube...
Forum Thread | on 11 Oct 2014 by Jay2014

CRM 2011: Unable to copy text from a published KB article

We have a request to allow text from a KB article to be copied to clipboard so the users can paste into a Word document or e-mail to share with users outside the CRM system. They use IE10 and IE11. As a workaround we can have them print to file and email that as an attachment but they really, really...
Forum Thread | on 9 Oct 2014 by axelortiz

.flf license file?

Hi experts, i've a .flf file for license, but i do not know whether it is for Dynamics nav 2013 r2 or for CRM 2013 licensing? Thankx
Forum Thread | on 6 Oct 2014 by Sumit khanduri

CRM For Outlook

Hi, We installed CRM for outlook and we are using CRM on premises. We use https, when we configured CRM for outlook using the configuration wizard we inserted in the server url, however after some time it changes from https to http for some odd reason. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue...
Forum Thread | on 3 Oct 2014 by developer2014

Call external webservice with JavaScript from CRM

Hello I want to query a external webservice from a crm form to update one fild on my form but: - If I use XMLHttpRequest or Ajax, I get a crossdomain error - If I use XDomainRequest or Ajax/jsonp I get a response error, I get code 200 but the error is thrown and I can't read the response body...
Forum Thread | on 3 Oct 2014 by CristinaM

CRM Icon missing in Outlook navigation pane

Hello, I have a user who is missing CRM icon in his Outlook navigation pane. I tried to add it by Rightclicking it and enabling it, but the Solutions field is missing. While tracking enabled and started Outlook, I got this log. Error initializing Solutions module.: Unhandled Exception: System.Runtime...
Forum Thread | on 1 Oct 2014 by gibon

Assign a shared mailbox to an Active Directory-account from a user

Hi, Me and my colleagues have a question involving Active Directory, Office 365 and CRM. We want to connect CRM to a shared mailbox in Office 365. For that to happen, we found out we need to create a new user that is connected to a shared mailbox. But, if we create a new user and connect a shared mailbox...
Forum Thread | on 29 Sep 2014 by Jeroen Kloet

Search Results: Column's change from initial system view

The issue we're having is that we'll start in a system view, then search for a keyword and the columns change in the results view. System view before search: After we search, the columns change: Any idea how to adjust the columns in the search results? Thanks!
Forum Thread | on 26 Sep 2014 by CRMTreky

Complete Activities Do Now Show Up on Mobile Forms

We have realized that acitivities that are marked as completed do not show up on the mobile forms (when we use our cell phones). Is there some silver-bullet option I need to check or uncheck? Thanks for your help!!!
Forum Thread | on 25 Sep 2014 by CRMTreky

Error to Configuring GP connector for CRM

When I Configuring the Dynamics GP Connector for CRM I receive the following error: "Inherited roles cannot be modified" when "Adding ISV Extension Privilege to the Salesperson role" (in CRM) action is executing and the Configer finish unsucessfully. I have Dynamics gp 2013SP2 and...
Forum Reply | on 24 Sep 2014 by Jeyakumar

Error to Configuring GP connector for CRM

When I Configuring the Dynamics GP Connector for CRM I receive the following error: "Inherited roles cannot be modified" when "Adding ISV Extension Privilege to the Salesperson role" (in CRM) action is executing and the Configer finish unsucessfully. I have Dynamics gp 2013SP2 and...
Forum Thread | on 24 Sep 2014 by Jeyakumar

Prevent users to change other users profile

Hi All, A basic question and I'm wondering what i'm doing wrong. We created a basic Sales Security role where I want to set the tab Business Managemen t to the next settings: 1) User --> Read --> User only 2) User --> Write --> User only 3) User Settings --> Read -->...
Forum Thread | on 23 Sep 2014 by pgrandach

How to change default regarding lookup in Phone Call

Hi, I'm trying to change the default regarding lookup in phone call to contact instead of Account. I tried below code but it doesn't work. document.getElementById("regardingobjectid").setAttribute("defaulttype", "2"); Xrm.Page.getControl("regardingobjectid"...
Forum Thread | on 22 Sep 2014 by Lavanya