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CRM 2013 Mobile

Does anybody know how to enable downloading attachement in Notes from a smartphone (CRM Mobile)?
Forum Thread | on 18 Sep 2014 by hicham

RE: To and from fields from my new activity

Hi Oscar, You can use the code below, just add the OnLoad function on the new activity: It will fire only on create of this new custom activity, and will work only with Lead, Contacts Accounts and System user entities. As these are the only ones that can be in the to field. function OnLoad() {...
Forum Reply | on 16 Sep 2014 by Bojan Borisovski

Unexpected CRM Online Colour Scheme Change

Hi all, I don't know if anyone else is experiencing the same issue this morning, but it appears to me there is a change in the CRM colour scheme in my CRM Online (2013) deployment. As you can see in the screenshot below, the colours of the 'Accotuns' and 'Contacts' icons on the...
Forum Thread | on 16 Sep 2014 by Ryan Maclean

CRM 2013:Create a New PDF as an attachment.

Hi all, I am trying to create a pdf attachment for a custom entity using the following code: Entity entity = context.InputParameters["Target"] as Entity; string content = entity["xyz_notes"].ToString(); byte[] byteArray = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(content); Entity annotation =...
Forum Thread | on 13 Sep 2014 by Kautuk

Error when installing Update Rollup 17

Hi Guys I'm tring to silently install rollup 17 for outlook CRM. I get an error in the log: Warning| CRMAction: InstallVCRedist9SP1 failed with exception System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The system cannot find the file specified I tried running the Vcredist_x86.exe by...
Forum Thread | on 11 Sep 2014 by Claus Pedersen

RE: CRM 2013: hide “Create” button at the top of webapp

WARNING: This is an unsupported hack, so be sure to back up any modified files! I was able to apply this change in a CRM 2013 on-premise environment but it might also work in the rest of the Dynamics family. I modified the C:\Program Files \Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\_controls\navbar\navbar.css...
Forum Reply | on 9 Sep 2014 by jmeeko

Multiple Contacts in Marketing List

Hi there, I have a problem which i'm finding difficult to solve. I'm using the browser based version of CRM and attempting to create a marketing list so I can send out e-shots to multiple organisations. However I can only send emails to the primary contacts within the accounts. This disregards...
Forum Thread | on 28 Aug 2014 by soziblewuup

RE: Cannot delete facilities/equipment

Hi Chitra, Thank you very much for taking time to answer my question. I noticed there are 2 relationships with restrict delete. Business Unit Map and Activity Party are the related entities of these relationships. It doesn't look like these equipment are connected to any activity. I checked the...
Forum Reply | on 25 Aug 2014 by Lavanya

How to show ONLY overdue TASKS????

Hi, Does anyone know how to set up filter for Tasks view so I can only see my tasks that are overdue? Right now I have tasks in the future but I only want to see overdue tasks and not spam my view with 100 tasks in the future. Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks so much
Forum Thread | on 21 Aug 2014 by donyc

New to MS Dynamics

Hi All, Looking for your experiences with MS Dynamics. I am considering deploying Dynamics onto two VM. I have no previous experience with Dynamics so I am wondering whether I will need the help of a gold partner or if it should be relatively straight forward. I have worked in Technical support for...
Forum Thread | on 21 Aug 2014 by Wayne

'SQL Server Error' when going offline on Outlook 2013 CRM 2011 Plugin

Hi, We have an issue that we've raised with MS Support which is still unresolved. We are running CRM Server 2011 UR14 and on the client-side we are running Windows 8, Outlook 2013 and the CRM 2011 Outlook Plugin UR14. After adding the organization to Outlook, users are for one time only able to...
Forum Thread | on 19 Aug 2014 by Chris Cundy

Opportunity automatically reopening after Opportunity Close

Hi all, I am currently experiencing an issue whereby if I close an Opportunity either as Won or Lost, it cancels the Opportunity Close activity and reopens the Opportunity. This happens the first time I attempt to close the opportunity, then on the second attempt it closes successfully. I can't...
Forum Thread | on 13 Aug 2014 by Ryan Maclean

CRM Entity ID as parameter in report created in Report Builder

Hi, I would like ask you if exists way to send (from Open Form (specific Quote)) entity id to report created in Report Builder? report is generated from store procedure used on CRM database and using std.Views. I need print only lines related to open Quote id. Thank you very much Vlado
Forum Thread | on 13 Aug 2014 by Vlado

An error has occurred.. (Service Incident)

I'm suddenly receiving the error "An error has occurred" whenever I'm trying to access a Service Incident. I've had a look at the error log as well as other forum posts on here but I don't seem to be progressing at all. I'll attach a copy of the Error Log below.. Any help...
Forum Thread | on 12 Aug 2014 by Jamie Bassett

RE: Outlook client not working

Seems like there is a version mismatch between the CRM Client for Outlook and Dynamics CRM Server. The message says the client you are using is for Outlook 2011 and that CRM Server is 2013? Is that the case? If not, do you have the latest updates installed on both the server and the clients? Regards...
Forum Reply | on 8 Aug 2014 by pmdci

Dynamics CRM Outlook Client - Mailing adress

Hi Experts, I just want to know why on think in my Dynamics CRM Outlook Client. When i click on the global adress list and goes to the CRM section, why the "CRM Contact" is not displayed ? Thank you for your response. Mario Ramalho
Forum Thread | on 6 Aug 2014 by Mario Ramalho

Crm 2013 Online and Sharepoint Online integration

I want to enable Sharepoint integration for CRM 2013 online. We have allready a folder structure on sharepoint like this: customers/customer a, customers/customer b and so on. How I manually connect a customer in crm to correct sharepoint folder? Is there any step by step guides for that?
Forum Thread | on 5 Aug 2014 by TseiTsei

Customised fields in the CRM

Hi all, Is there a way to delete a customised field if I no longer need it? I can see the fields, edit the field, but cannot see how to delete it. Many thanks
Forum Thread | on 31 Jul 2014 by Mognoose