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Cannot unregister CRM4 plugin assemblies after upgrade to CRM2011

After importing a CRM4 org into a new CRM2011 server, I am unable to unregister the plugins/Workflows that were registered for CRM4. The error I get from trying to unregister is that the assembly cannot be loaded (One would assume from incompatible dll dependancies). When I try to update the assembly...
Forum Thread | on 11 Apr 2011 by Robert Hanlon

Missing Preview form feature in CRM 2011

Hi, I am totally new to CRM 2011. Exploring the new features. I came to know that default preview form available in the CRM gridview has been removed in the latest version (i.e, crm2011). I am having a requirement of showing the preview form option in crm2011. can any one help me to find out...
Forum Thread | on 6 Dec 2010 by Guru Prasad