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Customize Opportunity close form in CRM 2011

Dear Experts, CRM Area - Opportunity Close form I got a requirement where if someone chooses Status Reason as 'Other' then 'Description' text area should be mandatory which is not there in CRM. When i am trying to customize this form, form is coming in disable mode. Tried to...
Forum Thread | on 27 May 2015 by Jitendra Sahu

Migration from CRM 2011 to CRM 2013

Dear Experts, I am at the stage where I need to migrate one of the CRM from 2011 to 2013. I have imported all customization from CRM2011 to CRM2013 and validated all form's XRM script using MS script validation tool. Everything is working fine. Now the final task is to import entire database...
Forum Thread | on 27 May 2015 by Jitendra Sahu

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Setup

setup cannot continue because there is a pending restart required. Restart the computer and then try running Setup again. For additional detalis see logfile. Already realized two reboots. follows logs. crm50svrsetup 10:19:14| Info| === Log de inicialização da instalação...
Forum Thread | on 14 Apr 2015 by CrDynm

Simple CRM query takes few seconds to retrieve data

We have a performance concern where a custom web application queries CRM to retrieve Account entity where ID is equal to some value. Retrieval of data takes around 4 sec. On checking further, even if I query similar criteria in Advanced Find it takes around 3 seconds. Expectation is to have the response...
Forum Thread | on 8 Apr 2015 by Mandar Joshi

Error with configuration email router crm 2011

Hi, When I try Load Dat a I have this error ?? I send files Discovery.svc and Microsoft.Crm.DiscoveryService.dll https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-5RMgkcF29EfkMwellHd3cwNXl2ZXZGODBaQjhfUzNWZ2EyZ2NFbzVDdWhQYjA0azBEeE0&usp=sharing
Forum Thread | on 5 Apr 2015 by Michal Luczak

Reading XML Contents from a custom workflow - CRM 2013

Hi All, I am trying to read the XML attachment from an email and want to get the contents as output parameters.So to do that I have written the following code but I am getting 'object reference not set to an instance of object' error. Could anyone able to help me please on this issue. byte...
Forum Thread | on 4 Apr 2015 by NEWGuy

RE: Update record by workflow for a facility / equipment

Thanks for the reply. The requirement to me is to make use of an existing equipment / facility record form, on which there will be one field (Yes / No) for one colleague to make request on data verification, and then the other field (Yes / No) for another colleague to mark the result after verification...
Forum Reply | on 31 Mar 2015 by Kenny Kwan

Update record by workflow for a facility / equipment

Dear all, Last week thank you for all input here that I am able to create a workflow to automatically update two fields within the same form under Account Entity in CRM 2011. This week I want to replicate the steps of workflow for a equipment / facility, however when I tried to configure the "Update...
Forum Thread | on 30 Mar 2015 by Kenny Kwan

is not possible to access the CRM

Erro. Tente esta ação novamente. Se o problema persistir, consulte a Comunidade do Microsoft Dynamics CRM para obter soluções e contate o administrador do Microsoft Dynamics CRM na organização. Finalmente, você pode contatar Suporte da Microsoft. Microsoft...
Forum Thread | on 30 Mar 2015 by CrDynm

Error in GetFileName CRM 2011

Error in GetFileName : Error accessing file c:\crmdrop\logs\SRVCRM01-w3wp(6624#19F486A9)-CRMWeb-20150330-1.log w3wp C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\
Forum Thread | on 30 Mar 2015 by CrDynm

Customise picklist descriptions

Hi, I am trying to dynamically populate a picklist with the Job Details for a client in a case note entity - generally the client will only have 1 job but in some instances may have 2 (or rarely 3 jobs). The job details info consists of name of employer and start date (as a string). The picklist...
Forum Thread | on 29 Mar 2015 by Doug Coates

Real time vs. Nightly batch data

Friends, I have a requirement to implement a customer dashboard that has personal details well as products, cases, and sales / marketing stuff for that customer. My question is, what should be the approach to have the customer on board to CRM. should I just write plugin to get the information from...
Forum Thread | on 29 Mar 2015 by NaveedAkhtar

Federation metadata URL is not available

Hi all, I have a problem where the system checks window is returning a red cross in the Federation metadata URL after renewing the wildcard certs. Some details: CRM and ADFS are on two separate servers and includes an ADFS Proxy in the DMZ. Everything was working fine until we changed the certificates...
Forum Thread | on 27 Mar 2015 by Mark.Fowler

RE: Limiting Email Attachments causing Outlook error

Do you know why I cannot save an attachment when promoting an email from Outlook to CRM? We are on CRM 2011. The attachment is PDF. I even tried renaming it. The size is 13 MB. I increased the maximum file size in the System Settings to 20,480 KB, (20MB) and still getting the error "The message...
Forum Reply | on 10 Mar 2015 by CRM2011Chug

Outlook appointments are not appearing in CRM activities view

Hi, We use CRM 2011 (on prem) and have had Outlook integration working for users for years (Currently Office 2013). Since about August 2014, all new users created have the same issue where Appointments created in Outlook (and 'Set regarding' set) do not appear under the CRM account activities...
Forum Thread | on 9 Mar 2015 by JosieJo112

Bulk Create of Connections Issues

Hi. We bulk create connections using a custom workflow async process. There are many instances where our connections do not get created. The code is sound, and no errors are generated. We've also seen this behavior using the CRM out of the box import tool. We cannot duplicate this issue in our test...
Forum Thread | on 7 Mar 2015 by Eric Blanco

CRM 2011 Tracking token question

Hello, We currently have CRM 2011 and we do not use outlook. Is there any benefit on keeping the tracking token on as we are not using outlook? Is there any harm in just turning it off? Thank You
Forum Thread | on 5 Mar 2015 by ap3

Dynamics 2011 Report Issue

Hi, We have an issue with reports: If the report had no default values and it being generated there is no Export To PDF button. Afterward we modified the report (defined default values) we could see the Export to PDF button. Great! If the report has result with more than one page, the button is...
Forum Thread | on 4 Mar 2015 by Zsolt Zombik