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CRM 2011 Opening some accounts slow - ADFS related

Hi I use fiddler to see what is happening when opening accounts using Outlook 2010 with CRM Integration. Sometimes when we open accounts in CRM using Outlook I see that it contacts the ADFS server and opening the account takes 8-10 seconds. Why is it sometimes contacting the ADFS server ? Fiddler...
Forum Thread | on 18 Nov 2015 by Elefanten

Problem disabling Add New and Add Existing Buttons on SubGrid

I have two entities: new_s_cashmanagement and new_s_licenseinformation The entity new_s_cashmanagement contains transaction records, and each transaction record is linked via a referential relationship, to all the records on new_s_licenseinformation that contain the particular transaction id I have...
Forum Thread | on 6 Nov 2015 by ACECORP

Email Router not sent

1-2 times a month emails are not sent, for a period of time, the message on the event viewer follows could help me? 26234 - O serviço E-mail Router não pôde processar um item de trabalho de provedor, usando o assembly: Microsoft.Crm.Tools.EmailProviders.dll e a classe: Microsoft...
Forum Thread | on 6 Nov 2015 by CrDynm

Advanced Find search Criteria

We use CRM 2011 and I am trying to create an advanced find to see if we have sold any product of a specific part number. Is there an easy way to enter those part numbers in the advanced find.. Right now I am looking at 300 or so items. As you can see by my below diagram, I am putting it in line by...
Forum Thread | on 3 Nov 2015 by ITsavvy

Work Flow Fires Twice

Hello, Workflow Logic : If field = yes then create task, stop workflow. The problem is that the workflow, fires twice and creates duplicates tasks. How do i stop the workflow from running the second time ? Kind Regards
Forum Thread | on 29 Oct 2015 by Jay2014

Syntax Difficulty in C# Plugin Code - Specifying Entity Name

I started coding a plugin (using the following as a guide https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.xrm.sdk.query.queryexpression(v=crm.5).aspx) to perform the objective listed in the Objective section below but ran into a syntax issue I am hoping someone can help me with. I am currently...
Forum Thread | on 28 Oct 2015 by ACECORP

RE: Dynamics CRM 2011 - Queue Email Password Encryption

Hi Wei Jie Fun , Thanks for sharing the Data Encryption information. I think that is not what am I looking for. I am looking for how actually how ( Algorithm name, Key byte, etc ) the email password field in Queue is being encrypted and stored in database. I managed to find out the answer...
Forum Reply | on 27 Oct 2015 by Christ Lee

Dynamics CRM 2011 - Queue Email Password Encryption

Recently our IT security found out that CRM is actually storing encrypted email password (Queue) in dynamics CRM database and this raised their concern. Our security team would like to understand what is the encryption algorithm is being used as well the encryption key. We did not managed to find...
Forum Thread | on 27 Oct 2015 by Christ Lee

Error while opening Report

Hi All, When I am trying to run a report or edit it, I am facing an error and I am not sure how to troubleshoot it. Can you please provide detailed steps to troubleshoot it? I will really appreciate that.
Forum Thread | on 15 Oct 2015 by Siddharth255

Upgrading CRM 2011 to CRM 2013

We have CRM Contact Center Desktop version in the CRM 2011 environment. Is this version supported in CRM 2013?
Forum Thread | on 8 Oct 2015 by Resh

how to get all date fields in the ms crm form

Hi All, I want to disable all text fields in form,I had filter the controls by control type as "standard" but it gives date fields also. I want to skip date fields. Please help me. Regards Vamsi Krishna J
Forum Thread | on 7 Oct 2015 by Jayyavarapu

CRM 2011 Importing into Oppotunities

I am able to import a list of opportunities that our company wants there. My problem is I am getting errors. If the client exists(which we want them to) I am getting an error saying duplicate detected. I even checked the box to allow duplicates. If the don't exist, I am getting an error.. I...
Forum Thread | on 1 Oct 2015 by ITsavvy

OnChange event not firing for CRM 2011 and IE11

Hi, I have a problem with a script working on the form of a custom entity. When I open the form a script is executed on the OnLoad event and it sets the OnChange event handlers for several fields on the form like this: Xrm.Page.getAttribute("zbg_product_serial_numbers_lookup").addOnChange...
Forum Thread | on 24 Sep 2015 by Evgeni Dyulgerov

2011 UR18 Outlook Client won't Render View with complex filter

We have a number of custom views on the leads that have multiple group OR based on Zip Codes. For example, if Lead.Zip Code = 12345 or 12345 or 12333 or 11111. These queries render and return fine in the web application. However, in the Outlook client they never seem to render the grid, we just get the...
Forum Thread | on 17 Sep 2015 by matthew.mickas

CRM 2011 CustomReports under Report Manager is not available

Hi, We are using CRM 2011, on Window server 2012 and SQL Server 2012. Reports inside CRM are working good. SRS Data connector or Reporting extension is already installed. I wanted to create a snapshot and subscribe to email the report on a scheduled basis. Issue is I don't see any content...
Forum Thread | on 15 Sep 2015 by mohan billakanti

CRM List Component slow to load

CRM 2011 and SharePoint 2010. The CRM List Component is activated and being used to serve up documents for Accounts. When you click on 'Documents', the iframe sits loading for about 7-15 seconds. CRM does not seem slow otherwise, and the SharePoint document library loads instantly if you browse...
Forum Thread | on 31 Aug 2015 by CHold