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email to a queue

Working with Dynamics CRM 2011 on premise Trying to configure email to flow directly into a user's queue within CRM and not having much luck. I have configured the email router to receive the email, which is it, and I have verified the user is receiving the email via Outlook. I the user's...
Forum Thread | on 20 May 2015 by Adam M

Open Activity Emails Created via Workflow

I set up a workflow to notify users via email when a task has been assigned to them. The email shows under "My Open Activities" with a status of "open". I thought all emails were supposed to automatically be "closed". The Second & Third emails in the screen shot below...
Forum Thread | on 21 Nov 2012 by wjn

Setting Category / Sub-category on received Email?

Hi, Does anyone know of a way to set the Category / Sub-category fields for received (inbound) email messages? It appears to me that you can not access the Category / Sub-category fields unless the email is tracked in CRM, but once it is tracked in CRM (or set regarding) it is marked as Completed...
Forum Thread | on 17 Jul 2011 by Gareth Howells

How to setup email for CRM 4.0 together with Outlook 2007

I am trying to find out where in CRM 4.0 I can setup the email setting, to be able to sent email directly from CRM 4.0? Using Outlook 2007 with the CRM 4.0 offline edition remotely, connecting via the internet to our exchange server. I have been able to find some info from the Resource Center,...
Forum Thread | on 15 Jan 2009 by Tzen

Sending Mail

Hi, im using crm 4.0 and outlook plugin. is it possible the handle the email sent from outlook with track-in crm option and add users on cc then continue the sending ??
Forum Thread | on 10 Mar 2009 by Ahmet Ozcan

Emails in CRM.... imposible?

Hi all. Simple questions, but no easy answers?: how do I search after emails in CRM? how can I create a view with the attribute "from" so the mails can be filtered that way how can a mail-conversation be one mail in crm? (and not 5 mails with almost same content) How...
Forum Thread | on 15 Dec 2009 by Jakob Kristiansen