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  • Forum Post: Re: Adding checkboxes to a Microsoft Dynamics4.0 CRM form

    Hi, thanks for the tip, I was wondering the same thing. Is this possible with more than 2 items? I would like to implement a field that could handle a list of items as check boxes (or something with the same functionality). Thanks & kind regards, - Art
  • Forum Post: Re: A course edition linked to a year

    Add a year attribute to the course form and then you can advanced find off this field. Leon Tribe
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    I am having difficulty determining how to create a "lookup" form field in a custom entity in CRM 3.0. Ultimately, I wish to be able to send emails and tasks via a workflow rule to a person that is not 'owner' or 'owner manager', but instead to the user that is identified in...
  • Forum Post: Printing Company Logo in CRM 3.0 Form

    I'm useing Microsoft CRM 3.0 and I made a lot of Customize in the Cases Main Form even I inserted the Company Logo in the Head of the Form but when I Printing the Logo not showing up on the Pages and I 'm trying from along time to do it but i couldn't . So could any one help me to this...
  • Forum Post: 1:1 Relationships - changing what appears in the field with jScript?

    Say I want to create a Country entity. Imagine I do it with the following attributes: ISO_3166-1 Code (this is the primary key) Name (English) Nombre (Spanish) Nom (French) Now, I would like to make a 1:1 relationship with the Account and Contact entities for a start. ...
  • Forum Post: Copy value from one lookup field to a second lookup field in the same entity.

    How do you set the bill to customer within the contracts entity to be auto filled with the value of the account lookup field in the contracts entity.
  • Forum Post: Customizing forms: Is it better to customize the default or copy?

    When customizing a Microsoft CRM 2011 form, is it better to customize the default form, or make a new form and customize that? Thank you, Mary
  • Forum Post: Personalized view and correlated drop boxes

    Greetings to everyone. I'm rather new to Dynamics CRM and i'm tring to learn as fast as i can. I've already played a lot with customization options and other funciont of the software, but i can't seem to find a way to get a view like the following : i would like to extract all the...
  • Forum Post: Add more than one entity to Lookup field in Lookup Record dialog

    I want to create a new Lookup field in a form and give the option (via dropdown) to select either Accounts or Contacts to perform a lookup. I know this capability exists as it is configured on one of my other forms. Unfortunately I did not create that form and for the life of me I cannot find where it...
  • Forum Post: Lost data from Form restoration?

    We ran a script that didn't work and hosed our customized account forms. We called support on this fairly quickly and they assured us that they would be able to restore the form from the weekends backup with no loss of data. In fact, we had them assure us there would be no loss in data - 3 times...
  • Forum Post: CRM 2011 Sub-grid for Price List Matrix

    I am trying to add feature to Price List entity to support matrix based price lists. I had created Price List Columns and Price List Rows entity and added 1-N relations to Price List entity. Now i have to add a subgrid in a Price List form (probably a new one) to let users fill matrix. So i need a...
  • Forum Post: Show the Parent Order on the Order Product Form

    Hello, I am working in the Order Product form, and I am trying to add a field to show the users the Parent Order (Order Name or Order Number) on the form header. I have searched the available fields in the Field Explorer, but I do not see any fields that link the Order Product record to the Parent...
  • Forum Post: Rollup 12 (Polaris) Installed: Account & Opportunity forms work, Lead, Contact do not!

    SO, the new styling is applied to Account and Opportunity forms (with the Opportunity having the blue progress header at the top). However, both Lead and Contact forms still have the old look, even though the NEW forms are loading. Any ideas how to fix this?
  • Forum Post: New forms for cases: Howto add activities?

    Hi there, The new forms in Dynamics CRM Online are quite nice, but it seems not well thought. For example I couldn't find anywhere the possibility to add new activities other than phone calls and tasks. So my question is: Where or how can I add these within the new forms? Regards, Thomas
  • Forum Post: Import Solution GUIDs

    Hi Guys, I have a quick doubt about solution importing and how does it impact GUIDs. Could anybody confirm that when an entity part of a solution is imported, the forms related to that entity had the same GUID in the target organization than the one in the source organization where the solution was...
  • Forum Post: Global Fields and Mapping

    I am a new user and I am curious about something. I have created custom fields that I am utilizing in a "lead form" and I was surprised that these fields were not automatically available when I went to customize the other forms (Opportunity, Account, etc.). I have learned that I can create...
  • Forum Post: Different forms for create vs. read/update

    Can you have different forms available for when they are created as opposed to when they are being viewed or updated after creation?
  • Forum Post: Assigning security role to form - no security roles to select!!

    I'm trying to figure out what we may have done wrong... When I now try and assign a form to a Security Role in CRM I am told that there are no Security Roles available to be displayed. I know that this has worked in the past as we have assigned security roles to forms in the past. All I am seeking...
  • Forum Post: Classic View by Default on New Forms

    I am moving my team from Salesforce over to MS CRM and have created new forms in Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities etc to reflect the style and data they are used to. The one problem I am having is they are opening in the 'new' view rather than classic view. I need to somehow set the default...
  • Forum Post: CRM Form Customization

    I am trying to create a customized form in CRM where the population of one field will automatically trigger the population of another field based on the entity. For example, if the field is "country" and is set up as a lookup, I would like a following field called "region" to automatically...
  • Forum Post: printing forms in CRM online

    Hello. Before I upgraded in January there was an option to print a lead/form either filled out with a lead's info or blank. Is that option still available? If so how/where? I can't find the answer in any of the self-help online sources. Thank you in advance for any assistance.
  • Forum Post: Text field keeping the original value

    I have a custom expense claim from where you can add individual claim details. Inside that form I have a bit of JavaScript that calculates the total of cost (from two input fields) and inputs into a text field. That works all fine but if you go back in and edit the claim detail it over writes the amount...
  • Forum Post: Error when changing mobile forms

    Hi, Trying to create a personalized view on our mobiel app, but when i edit the fields in the account/contacts forms and try to safe/publish it, an error occurs... any tips?? (Can you also change the names of the entities in these forms?) Hope to receive some tips!