Harness the Power of Services for the Dynamic Business

Harness the Power of Services for the Dynamic Business

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By David Pennington, Director of Microsoft Dynamics Annuity Product Management

I appreciate the opportunity to reach out to all of you in the Microsoft Dynamics Community to expand on embracing the concept and vision of the “Dynamic Business”. My name is David Pennington and I’m responsible for the Microsoft Dynamics services business, namely the Business Ready Enhancement Plan.

Although, maintenance programs aren’t always viewed as the most glamorous topic,  the Business Ready Enhancement Plan is a customer’s direct connection to Microsoft and the centerpiece of the pillars Kirill and Mike Ehrenberg alluded to when speaking of the “Dynamic Business”.  While it’s true many customers stay enrolled in a plan to protect their investment and keep their solution up to date and compliant; the real ROI begins when they embrace the other services and innovation they receive through their Enhancement Plan. In the previous blog, Advancing the Vision of Software for the Dynamic Business, Mike Ehrenberg outlined his vision from a product roadmap perspective. I’d like to address the concept of a Dynamic Business from a services perspective. As you’ll see, the two are connected - continued enrollment in a plan is the key to unlocking the vision, and providing customers access to the value of the product roadmap.

As Kirill mentioned in his blog post, “Process is the backbone of business. Effective usage of a business solution can enable the kind of agility that today’s businesses require.” It’s important for customers to maximize the value of what they’re investing in, to keep current and drive their business forward. When we talk about maximizing value with new innovation, we realize that not all customers can afford to continually go through a major upgrade. To address this, Microsoft is adding value through online services which allow customers to consume functionality as they need it. Keeping current helps customers continue to gain a competitive advantage and the cloud is making it easier than ever before to take advantage of this new innovation. When customers are enrolled in a plan, they have access to this exciting work Microsoft is doing, allowing customers to join us on this journey of delivering value to them throughout the software life cycle. One example of our online services is “Connect”. Connect delivers self-support tools, elearning, and access to the Dynamics Community, including direct access to CustomerSource right from your Microsoft Dynamics product. This feature is embedded in the role center and provides just-in-time support, training and information to fuel your company’s productivity.

Behind the great products and innovation, there are people who drive the results. At Microsoft, we believe that people, when properly equipped with the right tools, can surmount even the most complex business challenge. This is why we’ve created over 1250 interactive training courses known as eLearning; making it a valuable way for users to continue ongoing education, increasing their capabilities, knowledge and productivity. The Enhancement plan gives customers access to these courses, 24x7, with unlimited coursework, helping them stay ahead of the learning curve. In addition, customers have visibility to the tens of thousands of technical articles written by Microsoft Dynamics Support Engineers, helping them easily answer questions on their own. These types of activities help customers ramp up quicker, allowing them to have an immediate impact on their business.

Customers enrolled in Enhancement also have access to CustomerSource, which is the online customer portal that serves as a customer’s direct connection with Microsoft and the broad Microsoft Dynamics community. Customers should leverage CustomerSource to utilize all of their enhancement plan benefits, including 24x7 self-support, training, updates, upgrades, etc. This also gives customers a valuable opportunity to connect with the entire Microsoft Dynamic ecosystem surrounding them – Microsoft, customers, vendors, suppliers, partners, and employees. Through this ecosystem, customers can leverage new innovation to help them reach, grow and adapt their business to gain a competitive advantage in their market. This is an extremely efficient and cost effective way to access information, giving customers the convenience of being there when they need it.

Lastly, I was inspired by Kirill’s words as he challenged us to adapt to change in this “Economic Reset”. I think we as leaders have an exciting and challenging opportunity to prevail and grow our business in an unprecedented market. There will be countless business books written in the future on how certain Great “Dynamic Businesses” were able to not only weather the storm but thrived in this challenging time. It is easy to grow our business when economic conditions are favorable but the true winner’s stories will be told of the leaders and businesses that took this economic reset as an opportunity and adapted to change.

For more information on the benefits included in the Business Ready Enhancement Plan, access our materials or contact MBS Service Offerings Info.

  • From a partner perspective there are some wekanesses in the enhancement plan in its curret formsat which I would like the opportunity to discuss

  • HI Stephen- I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. You can either contact me at davidp@microsoft.com or send me your contact card on the community. I would appreciate the feedback.