Consumerization of Enterprise: Are You Ready? We Are.

Consumerization of Enterprise: Are You Ready? We Are.

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Written by: Kirill Tatarinov

Is your business ready? How will you cope under this onslaught of change? Will you fully embrace the opportunity and have your business strive in the world of massive technology innovation?

The “Consumerization of Enterprise” offers us great opportunities to reimagine how we do business, but it also raises numerous challenges as this transition takes place. Businesses must operate in a fluid manner, be responsive to changing markets, and remain competitive in a highly dynamic environment, while at the same time ensuring that they remain in control of their information and adhere to corporate and geographical compliance requirements.

Modern business leaders must think about how they cope with and control these disruptive elements, how they manage the change this will bring across their business and how best to leverage the changes to accelerate the growth of their business. These changes also bring new dynamics into the decision making processes to ensure that the role technology plays in the success of the business is understood at all levels.

Microsoft is uniquely positioned to enable our customers to thrive in this new environment, bringing together powerful solutions that are first and foremost people-centric, ensuring that users have an intuitive, consistent and immersive application experience. These applications are deeply connected across the ecosystem to bring together a complete and contextual set of information to the user to enable them to make empowered decisions, and can be delivered from the most suitable location for the business, whether that be traditional on-premises, hosted in a partner or delivered through a cloud service.

In this series we will delve deeper into the changes the modern enterprise is facing, from the changing role of people within the organization to the way Microsoft sees a new era of work on the horizon. We are pleased that you are along for the journey we will be taking together.

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  • Comprehend the disarray of today's technology wonders and one day all enterprises will be at a push of a button. I have never understood the true meaning of chaos until I managed and conducted sales for 200,000 plus products that make the internet technology. In recent years extreme innovations have lead to many multi billion dollar corporations like AMAZON and successive realties to dive into productive marketing. I embrace this methodology from the comfort of my home and all that compensates traditional sales into multi wide association of constructive markets, I am ready ... The benefactor of enterprise readiness have just concluded that enterprise relational methodology where man and machine is the advent to productive enterprises if it where all managed under one roof. Uniqueness prides the method and standards of distribution into a robust and meaningful journey. I use Microsoft's Dynamic methodology to deliver ORDER to CHAOS where product relation is just as important as owning a house or car. Consumerization of Enterprise and without mesmerizing the lost of attributes to CHAOTIC agendas of sales and marketing. Thankful for the new enterprise as I am ready for 500,000+ plus products for the marvel of human enterprises.