The practice of law is a complicated endeavor. With many moving parts, it is easy to see how the legal process can get overwhelmed by the business process. When is the deposition scheduled? Do I have a record of notice being given? Where are the questions I have prepared? Has the court reporter been scheduled? When will the transcript be completed? What costs have been attributed to this case? How many billable hours have I charged against this case? Imagine a business software solution that could easily answer these questions-a case management system that could give lawyers what they really want, more time to practice law. LexisNexis, a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions, recently announced it will be building a case management solution for the legal industry on Microsoft Dynamics AX. This solution will help lawyers better manage and track all the elements of their business, from discovery through judgment, as well as manage accounting related projects such as trust funds faster and easier. That means spending less time searching for information and more time being productive.

Not only does this announcement showcase the versatility of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, but it shows our commitment to deliver industry solutions that answer the specific needs of our customers through extending the core capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX, in line with our industry strategy. In case you missed them, similar announcements have been made by leading ISVs in other industries:  Tyler Technologies for the US public sector market, Aldata for retail and GFI Infogen Systems for the French public sector market.

The new LexisNexis offering will deliver law firms a single financial and business management platform that can evolve with their individual business requirements. Law firms are becoming increasingly complex operations, with global matters and ever-growing compliance regulations to adhere to. With the LexisNexis solution, these modern companies will receive full finance functionality including accounting, time and billing, disbursement management and integrated reporting, enabling them to manage, standardize and streamline financial processes

For firms with global offices, or those with expansion plans, the new LexisNexis solution will also offer multi-currency and multi-jurisdiction functionality to ease the pain of global deployment and help drive business development across multiple geographies. Users of the system will also be able to take advantage of interoperability with other Microsoft solutions, including Microsoft Office, SharePoint Server and Microsoft Windows Server.

As LexisNexis begins to pilot its solution throughout 2011, we're excited to see what kinds of advancements it can make for the legal industry. Leave a comment to let us know what you think.

Guy Weismantel

Director, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Product Marketing