Payroll Error when processing payroll after updates?

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Error when process payroll after an tax update..

a get /change

UPR_MSTR_tax_info failed  Sql data

Can anyone offer a suggestion?

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  • Have you had any success fixing this? I'm getting the same error in 1 company.

  • We did find in the problem company 1 employee that was a "Qualified Employee (HIRE)". If we remove this flag from the employee and recreate the wage file, everything works fine. I'm working a case with MS through our VAR.

  • Having the same problem with creating the Year End Wage File after the update is installed. My quess is that the Year End Update is installing the cnk file but not updating the tables. There is one table UPR00300 that I determined did not have a new column added called "QualifiedHire".

    I have a support case with Microsoft Open on this as I write this.

  • My problem was with the reports.dic file. Microsoft had me recreate the file, and it started working.  Simple fix, but I never would have thought of it since the report was working for other companies, but they did not have anyone with the HIRE flag.