If you are currently utilizing the encumbrance product, I would highly recommend upgrading to the latest build of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. I would like you to benefit from the significant changes we have made to this product that include the way the current encumbrance routine maintenance runs to repair data discrepancies between the summary and detail records.(Microsoft Dynamics GP menu>>Maintenance>>Encumbrance>>Routine Maintenance)

If you run into an error while performing the yearend transfer for encumbrance budgets as indicated below, (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu>>Tools>>Routines>>Purchasing>> Year End Encumbrance Transfer) upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 build 1799 or higher is your first step in resolving the issue.

Error: You can’t transfer encumbrances for XXXX when there are outstanding encumbrance amounts for a prior fiscal year.  To create reports of the outstanding encumbrances, select the prior year and click Preview'