Year-end Closing 2012 for Microsoft Dynamics GP: US Payroll

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Today we are posting the 2012 Year-End update for 10.0, and 2010 is soon to follow.

Here are the 2012 Year-End pages which provides you with documentation and installs you need for a successful year-end.

2012 U.S. Payroll Year End Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Download Page

2012 U.S. Payroll Year End Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Download Page

This year it will be important to install the last 2012 payroll tax update which released November 2012.  This update prepares the system for the 2013 FICA Medicare changes.  This will not affect your 2012 payroll in anyway.
Verify under Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | System | Payroll Tax, the Last Tax Update date should be 11/1/2012, if it is something prior, please install the tax update.
To install the latest 2012 tax update changes, log in to Microsoft Dynamics GP as the system administrator click Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Maintenance >> U.S. Payroll Updates >> Check for Tax Updates.

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Many times in support we get asked can we install this update now even though I have not finished my 2012 payrolls. YES YOU CAN! This is why we release the update early so you have more time to install the update and a LESS stressful year end for all.
It is the 2013 tax update that gets tricky and we would recommend you install that when you are ready to process 2013 payroll and the 2012 year end wage file is created.

Please review all documentation in detail to prepare you for the year-end close, specifically around what has changed for this year.

Detail of the changes
NO W2 and W3 form changes
EFW2 changes, (magnetic media)
Payroll country code changes  (South Sudan, Curacao, Timor-Leste)
Payables1099 Payables form changes (minimal)
Fixed Assets luxury depreciation changes
Payroll Compliance quality issues fixed
For a complete list click
HERE for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and click HERE for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Payroll code changes to comply with 2013 Tax Update - New Medicare Taxes on High Earners for 2013 NO W2 nor W3 form changes

**This update will be all inclusive of prior updates for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 and GP 2010.

Important blogs around questions many of you are asking:

“New Medicare Taxes on High Earners for 2013 how will this impact Microsoft Dynamics GP?”

Guidelines for Payroll W-2 Benefit Reporting

Good Luck, I know the 2012 Payroll Year-End close will be a breeze for you!

Terry Heley

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  • Terry - could you expand on what the "Payroll Compliance Quality Issues' are that had been fixed?

  • Sure, when we release an update, we always have a KB with that update that lists all the fixes in that update.  This should be published next week for 10 and GP 2010 and will give you a fix list across all modules of quality report fixes so you can see the changes.  Thanks

  • Thank you Terry.   Just wanted to make sure we knew what to cover in our YE seminar for our customers

  • I posted this on the other blog also, but my question is regarding the tax update of Nov 2012.   If a customer does the Year-End update without applying the November 2012 tax update (round 6 or round 7), what effect will there be when Round 1 of the 2013 tax updates are applied?

  • Hi Doug,

    Thanks for the comment.  We would recommend installing it, there is no "glaring" error they will receive, but, tax updates are all cumulative, so when you install 2013 tax tables, it over-writes the 2012 ones, so you will be fine.  Thanks!

  • Terry- I just performed the US Payroll Tax Update for 2012 (I thought), prior to completing my Year End Wage file (although all of my payrolls are complete).  I was expecting a Last Tax Update date of 11/1/2012 but instead got a date of 1/1/2013!

    Is this going to impact my 2012 Year End Wage file?

  • Hi Beth, good question, yes it will impact the year end wage file, it grabbed the Social Security limit and rate and Medicare information for 2013 NOT 2012 and your validation report will give you a ton of errors.  I would recommend if you can to install the 2012 tax tables, and then recreate the year end wage file.   You can go to our below tax update page and grab the round 7 file and install it to get 2012 tables again.

    If recreating is not an option, then you would have to edit the table of where the limits and rate are stored, UPR10100 for the 2012 year only.  Below are the columns I pulled out for you in a select

    select FICASSTR, FICASSWL, FICAMWLM,  * from UPR10100 WHERE RPTNGYR='2012'


    Happy Holidays

    Terry Heley