Year-End is fast approaching!  Below you will find some tips to help ensure that your Analytical Accounting Year End Close process goes smoothly for you!

Is there a separate Year-End close process to run for Analytical Accounting?

The Year-End Close process for Analytical Accounting is integrated with the General Ledger Year-End Close process. So there is no 'separate' year-end close process that is run in Analytical Accounting.

When should the Year End Close for Analytical Accounting be done?

Since there is no separate year-end close process for Analytical Accounting, it is recommended to review the year-end close options marked in AA, prior to performing the General Ledger Year-End Close process.

What does the GL year end close process do and/or affect in Analytical Accounting:

The following will happen when the GL year is closed:

  1. AA data will move from the open tables (AAG30000-AAG30003) to the history tables (AAG40000-AAG40003).
  2. Balance Brought Forward (BBF) entries will be created in the AAG30000 table only for the AA dimensions that were marked to be included in the year-end close.

 What steps should I take to have AA included in the GL Year-end close and BBF entries created in AA?

In order to have AA included in the GL year-end close, you must verify that the following options are selected:

  1. Analytical Accounting Options window (Click Tools under Microsoft Dynamics GP |Setup | Company | Analytical Accounting | Options – Mark the checkbox for ‘Include dimensions in the year end close’ and click OK.
  2. Transaction Dimension Maintenance window (Click Cards | Financial | Analytical Accounting | Transaction Dimension) – In the Year-End Close section, mark the checkbox for ‘Consolidate balances during Year End close’ and Save.  Do this for each Trx Dimension you wish to have a BBF entry created for.

Key points to remember:

Follow the steps in KB960356 titled “The year-end close procedures for Analytical Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack 2 and in later versions”.  Method 1 in this KB article includes additional SQL scripts to run prior to closing the GL year that will look for discrepancies in the AA data that may cause errors during the GL year-end close process.  Method 2 includes the setup steps mentioned above to complete if you want BBF entries created for AA dimensions.

Remember, if you have not closed your GL year (with AA activated) after installing a service pack later than SP2 for version 10.0, or since upgrading to GP 2010, you may receive a message stating "You must consolidate transactions and transfer detail to history utility to close the year" during the GL year-end close. Code was added to the GL closing process that will verify the historical years in Fiscal Period Setup and compare them to the years in the AA open tables. If there is AA data in the AAG3000X series of tables for a historical year, you will receive the error.   Method 3 of the KB states that you will need to process the utility ‘Move Data to History’ for all years that are historical. (Click Tools under Microsoft Dynamics GP | Utilities | Financial | Analytical Accounting | Move Data to History.)  When the Transfer Transaction Data to History window is opened, the first year that needs to be moved will be populated. You are not able to update the year. See the steps outlined in Method 3 of KB960356 for further information on the options available to move AA detail to history.

Remember, there is not a separate year end close procedure for Analytical Accounting that needs to be completed, so follow the documented steps for closing the GL year that are found in KB888003 titled “Year-End Closing procedures for General Ledger in Microsoft Dynamics GP”.

Always make sure to have a restorable backup of both the company and Dynamics databases before performing any year-end close process.  If you receive any errors, make a screenprint of the error message and restore to the backup immediately.  

Assistance for Analytical Accounting Year End Close

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The year-end close procedures for Analytical Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics GP…;EN-US;960356

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