Happy Holidays Everyone!

How are we all doing during this hectic season?  I hope well.  In support we are starting to see a few customers that have installed the U.S. Payroll Year-end Update (which includes service pack 3) for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.
Once you install the update and now users are starting to use the system, they may report this error when they go to Recreate or Reprint the Paystub:
Inquiry | Payroll | Check History

Error in equation 'Print YTD Amounts'

This happens when the company has modified the Reprint Pay Statement.  In service pack 3, there were a few bug fixes around the Reprint / Recreate paystub and in order for those changes to work with the form, you should print the original.
Customers will need to set security back to the original form and then you will not receive the error message.
Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | System | User Security or Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | System | Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports. 
The problem is you have to "re-modify" your form.  What I have heard from a few clients is they just removed the social security number from the form, which is an easy change.

I know what you are going to say, Terry....we should not have SSN on any payroll form, and yes I agree with you , that is something we are looking at to remove Social Security Number from all payroll forms, in the fure, yeah!
Back in the day as you can all remember with me, many customers used it as a tracking device and wanted it on forms, not so much in the new era!

Link to the KB that will list all the fixes in service pack 3:

Link to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 service pack 3 page:

Everyone have a WONDERFUL New Year!
Terry Heley
(Dreaming of fiscal cliff)