2012 Canadian Payroll T4 and RL-1 maximum amounts for CPP, QPP, and EI stopping at 2011 rates

2012 Canadian Payroll T4 and RL-1 maximum amounts for CPP, QPP, and EI stopping at 2011 rates

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When you 'Create T4's' or 'Create R1's' for 2012 and view amounts within the T4 Edit and RL-1 Edit window you will find that the amounts are stopping at the 2011 rates. 

For example, for T4 Box 24 EI Insurable Earnings will show 44,200.00 and Box 26 CPP Pensionable Earnings will show 48,300.00.  RL-1 Box G QPP Pensionable Earnings will show 48,300.00.

You will need to run three different scripts from within SQL Server Management Studio against each company database in order to have the correct maximums displayed (CPP = 50,100.00, QPP = 50,100.00, and EI = 45,900.00).  You can download the scripts directly from our Tax Update pages.

If you are running on GP2010 we have released Round 2 January 2013 Canadian Payroll Tax Update that included the fix for this.

Note:  On version GP10 if you process the scripts and then go back and Recreate T4's and/or RL-1's you will revert the maximums and will need to run the scripts again.  On version GP2010 if you install the update it will look to the new maximums going forward.

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  • We have found that employees that earn 200,000 plus per year are already maxing the CPP AND EI for 2013 and the rates they are maxing at are last year max.  While the script fixes the presentation what fixes the actual code?

  • Hi Bill,

    The code should be updated with the Round 2 Code update 11.00.2164.

  • So, are you telling us that we have to "redo" the calendar year end for all our payroll clients?  That is a process that over the holidays took a total of over 70 hours - all of which were billable to our clients, however, this time who is paying for our time to redo this when it is clearly an issue with the code released by Microsoft.

  • Can you comment on this problem for GP10, GP2010 - your note below only mentions GP2013 - and while I understand that there are no more updates for GP10 - the problem is that the code updated for GP10 does not work.  Please comment - thanks.

  • Not trying to be a nag, but we have a payroll run that is coming up on Feb 28th and we are not able to process the payroll correctly unless this matter is resolved in the next few hours.

    Sorry but we need a solution.

  • Bill, this is a blog posting, if you need critical support/help, please log a case, an engineer can help you.  The maximum pensionable earnings for 2013 for Canadian Payroll CPP are $51,100 and for EI $47,400.  If you are referring to the U.S. Payroll $200,000 Medicare change that was implemented with the tax table and year end updates.  If you need further assistance, please create a case, thanks Bill!