Unlimited PDK users on GP 2013

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Hi All,


With the new licensing changes rolled out for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, I wanted to clarify something that we have gotten some questions on in Support in regards to Personal Data Keeper (PDK).


PDK is not on the price list, and hasn’t been for many years. You receive it when you purchase “Project Time & Expense” which is actually the Business Portal portion of the product. This is now available with the Perpetual Starter Pack. With this you receive a set a registration keys for PDK that provide you with PDK users. In versions past you would be given a PDK user for each GP user plus 1. However, if you needed more users than that, you would need to purchase them either individually or as packs since the count was tracked on a named user (not concurrent) basis and was separate from the GP users. This could add up in a hurry depending on the number of people you had that wanted to enter remote timesheets and expenses!


So I am happy to say that on GP 2013 we are providing unlimited PDK users. After entry of the PDK registration key in the PDK – Registration window you will have 9,999 licenses to use. Should you need more than that, well, we will have to cross that bridge when/if it occurs.


One additional note - Project Accounting is not available unless you purchase the Perpetual Extended Pack so you really need it before you can take advantage of the PDK functionality offered in the Starter Pack.


I hope this helps clear up some confusion out there.

Have a good day!


Pam Peterson

  • We are using MSGP 2010, so we dont have the benefit of the "unlimited users" for PDK. However, if I make a former employee "inactive" in MSGP can I then add a new employee in MSGP and PDK without getting an additional license??

  • Yes.  If they are inactive in GP then this will free up an additional user in PDK